March 11, 2015

Bonnie Combs passed away in December 2014.

We do not know the circumstances surrounding her death. Nor do we care.

While it's unfortunate that Bonnie lived an existence so miserable that she chose to pursue a fake life and victimize strangers... We are not sad to hear of her passing. We're sad that Bonnie's harassment only ended with her death.

Bonnie's reign of terror is over and her victims can finally move on.

We wish all of you nothing but happiness and success in future endeavours.

All the best.

Update: If you find yourself being harassed and defamed still on the internet, it's likely being performed by Laura Michelle Smith and Emmanuel Hamilton of Hamilton/Townsend/Peterborough/Bridgenorth Ontario. Laura is mentally unstable, and chose to take over where Bonnie left off. The Hamilton police are ready and willing to take your report.

A Note

January 10, 2015

If you honestly believe that Bonnie Combs is telling the truth about her life and that she has been targeted by hundreds of cyberbullies over the years despite there being so much evidence that she's a total liar who is actually a 34 year old dropout living still with her parents then you just might be crazier than she is. 

If you honestly believe that Bonnie Combs has nine children, three of which have died, is married but sleeps in a twin-sized bed in a pink bedroom decorated with glow in the dark stickers, cheats on her husband with hundreds of men, has loads of money despite living in a run-down trailer converted into a cheap house that is ridden with black mold and was last purchased in 1999 by Clinton Combs (Bonnie's father) when Bonnie would have only been 19 years old, just so happens to always have her mother and father over, has been battling cancer for 12 years yet hasn't died, recently quit using heroin cold turkey, nearly died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, is a rockstar musician who travels the world, is a band photographer, a chemist and a licensed psychologist, teaches full time at Oklahoma State University and still has time to run hundreds of blogs and social media profiles all while providing absolutely no proof of her outlandish claims and deletes content immediately after being outed as a liar and a thief then you're probably the most unintelligent person in the world and you should refrain from ever using the internet or being around people.

Thankfully, there's only two people who are stupid and crazy enough to believe any of Bonnie's bullshit and those people are:
  • Laura M. Smith Hamilton - Hamilton, Ontario
  • Kristin Norman - Hazel Crest, Illinois
The two women listed above are just as insane as Bonnie is and have contributed nothing more than sociopathic bullshit, lies and filth to the world. They have helped Bonnie stalk, harass and acquire personal photos and information of several young women, teenagers and children on the internet. Laura has threatened to harass one of Bonnie's victims in person and also threatened to murder this young woman.

FYI: From now on we will name and shame every single person who publicly encourages Bonnie's behaviour and helps her harass, terrorize and stalk people on the internet. We refuse to offer anonymity to the disgusting and pathetic scumbags that are friends with Bonnie and help her in the denigration and defamation of others.

We will never remove this content so don't bother emailing us death threats of how your redneck father is going to kill us or how you're going to send craigslist rapists to our homes. We will simply block and report you to the police as we (and countless others) have done several times in the past. 

In our opinion, if Laura and Kristin didn't want the truth to get out then they should have refrained from engaging in illegal activities on the internet with an infamous child predator and psychopath. Laura should consider how she will explain to CPS why she - a 28 year old mother - has helped a child predator harass young women and underage teenagers on the internet for the past two years.

Laura should be less concerned with attacking and harassing Bonnie's victims and more concerned with the fact that she has opened her private facebook page (where she posts private photos of her child) to a woman who hoards photos of random children whom she has no relation to and later pretends to be the mother to said children.

Continuing on...

Bonnie has been allowed to sit and stew in her own bitterness and self hatred while living a fictional life on the internet for such a long time that I can't help but assume it's too late for her to ever come back from it. I doubt Bonnie actually knows who she really is or what the truth is anymore.

Normal people don't set out to destroy strangers. Normal people don't spend 14 years defaming people on the internet. Normal people don't go out of their way to stalk and harass people online because they wish they could be them.

Normal people do not spend 14 years stealing photos and identities while living a lie on the internet. Normal people do not pretend to have cancer. Normal people do not have 100+ personal weblogs, 100+ hateblogs and hundreds of social media profiles scattered throughout the internet. 

Normal people do not do the disgusting shit that Bonnie has done and continues to do.

Bonnie Combs has dedicated her life to impersonating and harassing people and posting filth on the internet. Bonnie Combs has dedicated her life to stealing photos and pretending to be someone she's not on the internet.

One day, Bonnie is going to wake up and realize that all the time she's spent pretending to be someone she's not, she could have spent becoming the person she wishes she could be.

One day, Bonnie is going to wake up and realize that her entire life has been a lie and that her existence is nothing more than a worthless joke. One day, Bonnie is going to wake up and realize that she has contributed nothing worthwhile to the world. Unfortunately for her, it will be too late to fix her mistakes and she will be held accountable for her actions for the first time in her utterly pathetic and reckless existence.

In closing...

Bonnie Combs is currently incarcerated in a mental institution in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is involuntary. She is committed. Bonnie will not be let out of this hospital for quite some time. We hope she gets the help she needs, and refrains from harassing any one else ever again. We hope she uses this experience to better herself and lead a real life, rather than faking her own death upon returning and continuing to harass people as she has so many times in the past...

This blog will be left to sit as a memory and it's content to never be deleted as long as Bonnie leaves her defamation websites online, and as long as there's a chance she may be released and continue the same vile behaviour that she has in years previous. 

Bonnie's victims have long since moved on, gone to college and university, acquired careers, gotten married, had children, purchased a home, travelled and chose to lead a meaningful, beautiful life that Bonnie only wishes she could have. 

It's sad that Bonnie's parents allowed her mental illnesses to fester to the point where Bonnie felt the need to mock those who live a life she wishes she could have... We're sure Bonnie's aware that she's wasted so much time and so many years... Years that she could have spent becoming the person she pretends to be. But now it's much too late...

It's even more sad that Bonnie's only friend, Laura M. Smith, repeatedly chose to ignore the truth despite it being right in front of her the whole time, and despite the police telling her otherwise, simply because she's just as envious of the same people Bonnie is, and just as delusional as Bonnie is, and for all the same reasons.

We hope this will be a lesson to Bonnie... as she will not be able to continue this behaviour when/if she's released. We also hope this will be a lesson to Laura... just because you wish you could be someone, that does not give you the right to harass or defame that person because you're envious of what they have. The same goes for Kristin Norman, or anyone else who visits this blog and believes any word or story that Bonnie has ever told about herself or the people she harasses. 

It's simply an issue of mental illness, allowed to stew to the point where it becomes blind bitter rage. Get help, you don't have to suffer alone... but you don't have the right to make innocent people suffer either. 

Spend your life building yourself up, instead of trying to tear others down. And you'll find your life is so much better than you ever dreamed it could be.

What REAL people think of Bonnie Combs and her 250+ personalities!

December 23, 2014

Twitter is always full of lulzy content about Bonnie. More people are tuned in to her psychotic bullshit on the daily and they post about it allll over the internet!

Another one of Bonnie's many victims. Bonnie loves to defame people when they find out the truth about her.

So many retweets! This shit is going viral.

And here's Bonnie's only friend: Laura M. Smith from Hamilton, ON. Bonnie kisses her flat ass and sucks up to her big time because she doesn't want Laura to find out the truth. Granted, Laura is a druggy retard with very few braincells left and she's naive to the fact that she's befriended a child predator who harvests photos of her hideous kid every single day.

Attacks on Kim

Attacks on Kim R. All from her @FabulousJamieee Twitter accounts, of course. Random photo of Laura Smith from 2001, when Laura only looked 80. Hilarious either way.

More fake twitter accounts:

Anybody recognize the child in the photo? Bonnie Combs is a known photo thief for her faux personalities’ Twitter and Blogger profiles (because she can’t let her precious accounts get banned), so it’s proven the above photo is stolen.

The photo of Tulsa is definitely stolen too. We've already proven that "AlcoholicWhine" is one of Bonnie's many personalities.

Unlike Bonnie's temper tantrums on her jealous hate blogs, we actually have proof: Here, Here and Here. And that is why we're credible and have a huge legal case building against Bonnie and Bonnie has only three idiotic loser friends online and her mould and booger-ridden childhood bedroom.

Abusers and Stalkers

December 18, 2014

Using Occam’s Razor, I believe that the simplest answer is correct: That Laura M. Smith is leaving death threats on this page. The person doing so uses a downloaded proxy, just like her, they use her email address,, they use the “name” “Guess who, whore!” and they use the same spelling and grammar errors as her. I’m sure it could be someone else that is excellent in impersonating poor Laura to make her look bad, but she does a great job of that on her own via her twitter account, DangerousFrank, where she admits she visits this page via a proxy. If anyone else has any other solution, I’m all ears.

Abusers and stalkers. They both have something to hide. Just ask Laura Smith, aka DangerousFrank on Twitter. She uses TorProject to view this page because she has something to hide: Her IP and any cookies this website leaves on her computer. Why? Because she visits the page to let me know that she’s mentally ill and therefore can get away with killing me according to Canada's law. Not only that, if you can believe her stupidity, but she says that because she’s not a Canadian citizen, she can murder whomever she wants in the US and it’s legal here because she’s in Canada. Make sense? No? Of course not! But she’s far more sophisticated with proxies than Bonnie Combs. Bonnie has to use web-based proxies while Laura has downloaded and used programs to view this page and leave death threats in the comments.

Naturally, she’s going to deny this, but her was attached to the comments from her TorProject IP, and she tweeted about viewing this site earlier this month. Coincidence? Nah. She’s insane.

Do I believe my life is in danger? Nope.

Just like I don’t believe Bonnie Combs has ever been to Canada.

Nor does anyone else with any intelligence.

Of course Bonnie Combs has adapted this line of thought saying that she could get away with ending my life because she’s in the United States. Insane bitches have to stick together, after all, because who else will have them? Their imaginary friends? That’s why all their friends are anonymous and have to steal pictures of other people to pretend they are somebody. That’s why their profiles move around so much,

They have something to hide.

And it’s hard to hide on the internet. Everything is so public, and everyone has saw everything, so it’s fairly likely that someone will have saw the photo of “Kim” somewhere else.

Laura found the last person “Kim” was pretending to be and messaged the Tumblr anonymously. The person filed a DMCA with Twitter, but Bonnie Combs changed the URL and the person couldn’t find where their photos were being used anymore.

We will let Mohawk College know that Laura is using her free email account via a college she's never attended to send out death threats and terrorist threats though.

"Chretienne Ouelette" IS Bonnie Combs - Exposed for the 50th time!

December 05, 2014

After all of the psychotic dirt we've uncovered and all of the ridiculous lies we've revealed - it's surprising that anyone still believes that "Chretienne Christine Christina Ouelette Jamie Vaughn Armstrong Betancourt" is who she says she is on the internet. There's very few people left in Bonnie's make believe internet life and those people are what we like to call - stupid!

We came across some very interesting evidence that proves "Christina Ouelette" to be a liar - once again. Once again we've found evidence that "Chretienne Ouelette" IS Bonnie Combs. And once again we have "Christine Armstrong" (Bonnie Combs) sheer and utter stupidity to thank for this discovery!

Someone needs to pay this pathetic bitch for being so stupid... She's really good at it! In fact, it's the only thing Bonnie Combs is good at!

Bonnie, or Christine/Christina/Jamie/Chretienne, has a public flickr album located here: @JamieVaughn. This flickr album is linked on her website under the social media section in the sidebar and under her methods of contact. She's made it more than clear that this is her flickr album, it belongs to her and always has. And she's been dumping her craptacular photos there for the past several years!

The thing with Bonnie that really gets me is... She lies for a living but she's not any good at it! Bonnie Combs is literally the worst liar and the biggest idiot in the whole entire world.

Common sense says that if you insist on living a lie and lying about your life on the internet - the least you can do is be good at it, keep track of your lies and make it at least somewhat believable.

Bonnie Combs fails at all of these things!

But who's worse? Bonnie Combs? Or the few people who naively and ignorantly stay by her side, stick up for her and harass her hundreds of victims - despite being smacked in the face with a metric fuck ton of evidence and the truth - time and time again.

It's so hard to decide. It really is.

Anywho, onto the latest evidence! (Click to enlarge.)

This is "Chretienne/Christina Ouelette's" (Bonnie's 147th personality) blog and has been for several years. Bonnie has years of her lies, psychobabble and general hilarity archived for all to see and laugh at.

Below the navigation/biography of lies in the sidebar, you'll see several social media icons. If you click on the flickr icon (two dots) it will take you to Bonnie's flickr page: @JamieVaughn

On Bonnie's flickr page (back several pages) you'll see a photo of a computer screen that is clearly of an xray of Bonnie's teeth. I know, I know... it's surprising that this fat fuck has any teeth left considering she survives on candy, cheetos and coca cola. But I digress.

If you click on this photo and enlarge it in full view, you can see the name of the person whom the scan belongs to.


Hmm... We're pretty sure that says Bonnie Combs. What do you think?

The scan clearly says Bonnie M. Combs. What do you know... The woman who lives in the same house as Bonnie Combs and has the same family as Bonnie Combs just so happens to actually be Bonnie Combs. What a freaking mind fuck!

See it live: here and here.

More lulz to come.