How Bonnie Combs spends New Years Eve

December 31, 2013

How does Bonnie Combs, the Tulsa child predator and psychopath, spend her new years eve? Why tweeting and blogging lies under her alias of Chretienne Ouelette at and of course! Are you surprised? We're not. Bonnie has been proved a liar in every aspect of her life yet she continues with her ridiculous lies of being a mother, wife, friend, professor at osu, cancer survivor, ex heroin junkie and god knows what else. You know the bitch is cray-cray when she continues to lie about her waste of a life despite being publicly exposed and currently being laughed at by over 50,000 people on a daily basis. What can we say? Schizophrenia is one hell of a disease. 

What else? Bonnie also spent her NYE blogging lies about Krystal Draper, a kick-ass woman that Bonnie is truly jealous of and has some sort of creepy lesbian fixation for. Bonnie blogged more about how jealous she is of her and her life and even her tablet. How pathetic is that? We're still waiting for those screenshots Bonnie. 

Here's hoping Bonnie makes a positive change very soon for 2014, removes all of her defamatory material and leaves her many victims alone for good because many of them are making a trip to Tulsa in February to press charges and the officer who is helping them made it very clear that Bonnie will go to jail when they press charges. It's not a matter of going to court and whatnot at this point. Bonnie will go to jail for at least 5 years and she and her hick, incest freak, obese welfare family will be sued for millions. Bonnie will be paying her victims long after her sole providers, Mommy Patricia and Daddy Clinton die. Guess Bonnie will have to suck more dick for $10 a pop and sell more of her stolen oxycontin pills on the streets of Tulsa! Oh wellz. 

Here's to another great year of exposing this pathetic fat trash-bag for what she really is- a joke! And here's to karma and justice which is coming Bonnie's way very soon. 

.P.S. Bonnie's new ip address!

Happy New Year!

December 28, 2013

Ange here wishing our many visitors, friends and followers a very happy new year! And not to worry, I can guarantee you all we'll continue to blog often into the new year- considering Bonnie Combs has yet to stop the lies (pretending to have children, a job and friends, etcetera...) and apologize to the hundreds of people she's stalked, defamed and harassed, so we'll continue to expose her as the pathetic, lying, mental case that she is!

We'll have some screenshots here soon proving that Bonnie is caught in another lie on Daily Krystal and that's why she can't post proof even a month later! We have the video of Bonnie engaging in incestual intercourse with her brother Clinton and his wife, although we might not post it. We're undecided. It's pretty disturbing and ya'll will probably lose your lunch by viewing it, so you've been warned.

We received an interesting e-mail from one of Bonnie's victims who claimed Bonnie attempted to blackmail her and Bonnie said "I will only remove my material on you if you pay me $5,000 and send me photos of your daughter naked." Her daughter is only 5 years old so this information is disturbing to say the least but not at all surprising. Bonnie Combs has shown that she's obsessed with children and we would not be surprised to learn that she's a child molester. This information has been passed on to the Tulsa police department where many detectives have been actively pursuing a case again her and plan on arresting her soon for a series of other crimes- both online and offline.

See you all in 2014!

Bonnie forgets one of her lies... again!

December 22, 2013

Remember when we blogged about Bonnie never mentioning her apparent child named "Chloe" because she doesn't exist and Bonnie blogged about her the next day but hasn't since? Remember how Bonnie blogged about having gangrene and having her leg amputated on December 24th but yet she hasn't mentioned anything about the amputation and surgery? Why? Because she's a career liar and an idiot who can't even keep up with her own lies. Bonnie Michelle Combs is the biggest liar on the internet and in the whole entire world.

Bonnie Combs is also claiming her weight is down to 131 lbs. Don't believe that. That's another one of her lies. Perhaps her weight is down to 331 lbs but it'll never be below 300 lbs because Bonnie Combs is an obese whale who is too lazy to leave her childhood bed yet alone exercise. She claims to be tall and to have never been morbidly obese. Oh lawd. Does Bonnie think if she repeats these lies a million times that she herself might believe them? Probably. Unfortunately nobody else is buying it. We all know the real Bonnie Combs and it ain't pretty. And it certainly is not who Bonnie claims to be on the internet. Who makes up a dozen fake lives and aliases online anyway? Lulser.

At least Bonnie is honest about one thing- her messy childhood bedroom and her need to get off her fat, lazy ass and clean it... but we know that'll never happen. Her parents are fat, psychotic losers like her and have never helped Bonnie become a normal, functioning person in society which is why Bonnie is, at 33, still living with her parents in her childhood bedroom, living off food stamps and disability while cyberbullying awesome people on the internet that she wishes she could be and making up fake lies for attention even though nobody visits her blog(s) except to laugh at her dumb ass.

There's more talk about the non-existent ex boyfriend named Dave- yet another one of Bonnie's aliases. I'm sure Bonnie believes that Dave really exists. Of course he does exist but only inside Bonnie's fucked-up delusional head. Unfortunately for Bonnie, no man would ever want to date her. Bonnie Combs is too fat too fuck, too ugly to cover her face with a paper bag and too psychotic and pathetic to even tolerate being around. Bonnie has never had a boyfriend and she never will. The same can be said for friends. She has none and never will.

Of course now Bonnie is claiming Dave died last year. Gosh. There's always something tragic happening in her life, isn't there? Don't buy it. None of it is true. Bonnie Combs is one of those pathetic losers who thrives off of sympathy. She suffers from many mental disorders but she also suffers from the "pity me" syndrome. Actually, I worded that wrong- Bonnie has the pity me syndrome but all of those in her life suffer from it and suffer from her psychotic wrath of terrorizing people on a daily basis and attempting to ruin people's lives because she's so insanely jealous of them.

God Bonnie, you're such a pathetic waste of space. Do the world a favour and delete your shitty blogs and hate blogs and check yourself into the Tulsa mental hospital immediately before you hurt more people.

Non-Stop Bullshit for Christmas!

December 20, 2013

Bonnie is now claiming to have gangrene and in need of immediate amputation over at Actually, we believe this part to be true. Bonnie likely will lose her leg frm being an obese loser who never walks and never leaves her childhood bed. Diabetes and rampant obesity kinda does to that person. So does karma and karma has been waiting to visit Bonnie's crazy ass for a while.

Is it true? Probably not. But it's hilarious! God knows it's rare that Bonnie aka Jamie aka Chretienne aka Pixie aka Laura aka Christine ever tells the truth about her pathetic existence. Bonnie is one of those fucked up pathetic human beings who craves attention, even negative attention and loves sympathy so she regularly creates sob stories on the internet for attention. You'll notice she never has any proof to back up her claims, such as her non-existent child "Zinnia", and that's because she never tells the truth.

Of course Bonnie is still rolling with the lie that she has a husband. Dennis doesn't actually exist. When she says Dennis she's actually talking about Clinton, her fat alcoholic father whom she's been having an incest relationship with since she was a moderately overweight and grossly unpopular teenage girl.

Bonnie Lies... AGAIN!

December 06, 2013

Remember when Bonnie claimed that Krystal threatened to murder her yet here it is over a month later and she's still unable to post proof?

Remember how Bonnie said she reported Krystal to the Tulsa police, North bay police and Brantford police?

Well that was a lie. Are you surprised? Bonnie is the internet's biggest liar. It's her only hobby. And here's proof:


Thanks Krys! Can't wait for you to visit Tulsa, press charges and have fat fuck Bonnie locked up for life!

Bonnie Michelle Combs visited by the Tulsa police 02/12/2013

December 03, 2013

We were contacted by one of Bonnie's many victims earlier today. A victim who wishes to remain anonymous but we're sure you can put two and two together and will know who this victim is when you reach the end of this post.

The Tulsa police department visited Bonnie Combs at home on Monday, December 2nd, 2013. Bonnie admitted to the police that she does, in fact, run the Daily Krystal blog and that yes, she is, Pixie Maguire. No surprise there. BUT!!! She apologized to the police, was scared shitless and crying, promising to delete the blogs, stop harassing and defaming people and move on with her "life."

Since that time, Bonnie updated that same blog in an obvious rage and promised to never delete it. Vowed to keep the blog going until the end of time! Basically proving herself to be an insanely jealous fucktard who is beyond help. (Not that we didn't already figure that one out!) And continued with even worse defamation of Krystal, harassment then moved on to threatening to kill Krystal on a public twitter account that has since been suspended.

The victim who contacted us, I'm sure you've all figured out who it is by now, is now filing a protective order and stalking case against Bonnie which will mean that if Bonnie updates the blog one more time after the order is filed, she will go to jail. It also means that Bonnie will go to jail for threatening to murder Krystal.

With that said, Krystal and two other victims will have to travel to Tulsa and spend two weeks there in order to file the report, attend court and ensure that Bonnie is promptly arrested and incarcerated. If you would like to donate to their travel expenses please contact us. The email is in the sidebar.

Bonnie, your time has come. Are you scared? You should be.

.P.S. An uber awesome sauce lady made an archive of Bonnie's abuse dating back to 1999! Check it out here and check this out too!