Account Suspended

January 06, 2014

We had a member of the B-Team visit Bonnie's blog of lies,, this morning after hearing that her website had been suspended for defamation and harassment. Sure enough, it's true!


Rumour has it that Bonnie's blog of lies was suspended after her host Dreamhost was contacted by the Tulsa police department regarding Bonnie's ongoing harassment, stalking and defamation of nearly 500 people online.

Will her blog remain suspended? Probably not. Knowing Bonnie, she will soon steal her mother Patricia's credit card and find a new host- something she was recently talking about doing, probably because she knew shit was going to hit the fan and that Dreamhost wouldn't stand for her abuse much longer.

Will Bonnie be able to find a host that will allow her to harass people online, pay very little because she's too poor to afford more than three dollars a month and have great uptime? We doubt it.

EDIT: Here's another one of Bonnie's blogs: Is she going by the alias Bonnie Danner now to try and hide the truth? How many blogs does beefy curtains need? One for every personality? What a crazy cunt! We'll catch you every time, Bonnie.

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