Anonymous Tulsa-ites speak!

January 08, 2014

A few days ago we were contacted by a Tulsa-ite who would like to remain anonymous because he/she actually knows Bonnie and her family in person and being that the Combs family are so mentally unstable, he/she would rather they not know their true identity.

This person answered one question for us that we have all been wondering about. How does Bonnie and her family make money? We know they do not work and never have. We know they collect welfare, food stamps and disability. But how do they afford to buy high end electronics? We finally have the answer.

First and foremost, Bonnie and her parents Clinton and Patricia receive free cell phones from the government because of their income status. Being that they are such low income, they qualify for this free cell phone service. You can read more about eligibility for this service here.

Secondly, Bonnie and her mother Patricia make extra money on the side by selling their illegally obtained prescription drugs! Word on the streets of Tulsa is that they have both been arrested and charged for doing so in the past but are too lazy to work, too fat and ugly to prostitute and too desperate for money to buy cheetos and coca cola so they continue to do this.

Bonnie and Patricia regularly visit their naive doctor in Tulsa, make false claims of pain and receive prescriptions for oxycontin and other medications in return. They then peddle their pills on the street and voila! They have a bit of extra cash.

You can watch the hilariously creepy videos of Bonnie and Patricia hitting their doctor up for pills here unless she's already deleted them. Bonnie posted these videos herself on her own public youtube page. If that doesn't sum up how severe her several mental illnesses have become then I don't know what else will.

Clearly Bonnie and Patricia are so stupid that they don't know how illegal it is to hide a video camera in your doctor's office with the intent to videotape your visit without his/her permission. But then again, it seems that Bonnie leads a life of illegal activity and somehow thinks she's above the law and will never be held responsible for her actions or punished for them. Not so. Judgement day is coming for Bonnie real soon and we thinks she might not like what it holds for her.

Major thanks to anonymous for this information. Not that it's surprising but now we know the truth. Thanks! Keep the tips and stories coming.

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