ANOTHER domain name?!?!

March 04, 2014

Every time Bonnie is exposed as a fraud on the internet, she steals her mother's credit card to buy a new domain name and create a new alias and fake life. Bonnie owns - what, like 50 domains? Each with a different life story. Unbelievable.

Thankfully our B-Team got on it right away and we already know the domain name. We will publicly post it when Bonnie starts using it on a regular basis.

Once again, we will never remove any of our content or leave Bonnie alone unless she takes a photo of herself with her husband and children at Oklahoma State University while holding a piece of paper that says "Chretienne Ouelette" on it.

We requested this of Bonnie several months ago. For someone who seems so panic stricken, she hasn't done this yet. I wonder why? Could be because Chretienne Ouelette doesn't exist. Bonnie doesn't have a husband, children, job or a house. It's all a lie, as we have proven several times on this blog and will continue to for many years to come.

Enjoy it. :)

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