Bonnie Combs - Brutal Dog Killer

March 01, 2014

An anonymous dear sent in an e-mail to us this afternoon. They reported that Bonnie's abused and neglected dog passed away today - because Bonnie had refused to feed him, stating that she needed the money to buy herself cheetos and coca cola.

Allegedly, the dog had been quite sick for a while and was in desperate need of surgery but Bonnie and co. were too preoccupied with spending what little government-funded money they had on Mcdonald's and illegally obtained Oxycontin

Naturally Bonnie took to her blog of lies,, to claim that she received the news of her dog's death while at "work", work being the secret code for "actually laying in bed because I never leave it except to check the computer and harass people out of envy."

Of course Bonnie is blaming her neighbours for the death of her dog. That's only natural. Everything is always somebody else's fault in Bonnie's coocoo banana's life of nonsensical bullshit, mental breakdowns, paranoid schizophrenic delusions, psychosis-induced rage and petty high school drama

In reality, Bonnie's neighbours are very sweet and hard working people who cannot stand the Combs family, much like everybody else who lives on W 47th street in Tulsa. And who can blame them? Bonnie and co. are beyond unlikable. They're human scum and a total waste of air. They contribute nothing but ugliness to this world.

In closing, Bonnie Combs of 2337 w 47th street in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a fat, psychotic, dog killer who likes to hoard child porn, make incest allegationsthreaten to kidnap people's children, call people n*ggers and claim that the victims of 9/11 deserved what they got and harass pretty, successful young women out of envy.

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