Bonnie Combs - Hilarious Screencaps!

October 04, 2013

While Bonnie Combs was busy blogging about how jealous she is of Krystal Draper, her tablet, her boyfriend and that she can afford to buy her own things (something Bonnie will never be able to do because she has to beat up her morbidly obese and dying mother Patricia Combs and steal her credit card in order to buy anything) we were busy laughing hysterically at her pathetic online antics and exposing her even more to people who actually know her in real life and can't fucking stand her crazy lard ass!

First and foremost Bonnie is still pretending to be Misty Combs on her public facebook account under the name of "Chretienne Ouelette." It's all cool though. We sent Misty the link to her facebook, twitter and website. Misty has already reported Bonnie to the Tulsa police- which added up to be the 73rd report on Bonnie in the past month, and Misty will also be working with Krystal when she flies to Tulsa in February to prosecute Bonnie's dumb ass!


What else is new and lulztacular? Why Bonnie Combs twitter page of course! As if Bonnie couldn't get more pathetic and desperate- She's now lying even more on her twitter page and claiming herself to be "one super cool babe." LULZ! Who does she think she's fooling? We've all seen the photos of her ugly mug. She's one super fat and super ugly babe. And by babe, we mean Babe the Pig! LMAO. And super cool? Only in her own mind. Bonnie Combs, the Tulsa terrorist, was despised by everybody in high school and as an adult she's despised by everybody in real life, both on and off the internet!


Stay pathetic Bonnie! We'll keep exposing your dumb ass here and laughing at you for all the world to see, and laugh with us! Can't wait to see you locked up in jail in Tulsa for several crimes where you'll have no access to the internet and will never be able to stalk or harass another person you wish you could be ever again!

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