Bonnie Combs is a Deranged Psychopath

February 26, 2014

Bonnie posted these images to her tumblr account earlier today with the caption "For you, bitch." We're assuming that Bonnie is attempting (and failing miserably) to scare us but in reality nobody is falling for it. Sorry Bonnie but you and your fictitious gun just aren't scary. No one is afraid of you. You're incapable of leaving your childhood bedroom let alone ever hurting someone and you would be arrested the minute you dare to try.

But it's okay, Beefy Bonnie. We get it. You're feeling threatened and terrified because one of your many victims is in your city right now pursuing legal action against you. You should be terrified.

What's new? Bonnie is pretending to be ill, once again. She tends to fake an illness about once a month for attention. Unfortunately her three website visitors have learned the truth about her and will no longer be visiting her blog of lies. Sucks to be you, Bonnie!

Keep it up, loony tune. We're having a ball over here laughing at your pathetic antics.

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