Bonnie Combs is insanely jealous of Krystal Draper and flicks it to her pics on the daily:

March 23, 2014

Hey, Bonnie? What's with the constant posting of pics of Krstal that she looks hot in? What are you trying to accomplish? More people thinking she's gorgeous? Because that's all you're doing. "Yuck" - Spoken like a true jealous cow who coincidentally enough looks like this:


Not sure it gets any uglier than that. Bonnie Combs is totez jealous. That's why Bonnie has to steal photos of women off tumblr and try to make like the photos are of her. Then when exposed as a thief, liar and fraud, removes the photos and doesn't apologize. Kinda like she accuses others of doing. 

Bonnie should try not calling other people stalkers when she has created a total of 374 hateblogs (out of envy) about Krystal, Katy, Renee, Roxanne, Megan, Adam, Shawn, Frank and god knows how many other people.

Stalk harder, Bonnie.

Who is envious of Bonnie? The rats who live in your dump's walls? Slammin' heroin all day long must make your arms hurt.

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