Bonnie Combs is one sick and twisted monster.

March 06, 2014

As if the entire world needed more proof that Bonnie Combs aka "Chretienne Ouelette" has way too much time on her hands and is really sick in the head. 

As posted on Bonnie's tumblr page @Comatised: Bonnie thinks it's fun to troll omegle in the middle of the night, lure young teenage boys out of boredom, solicit them for cybersex then threaten to harass their family. Sound familiar? Yea. That's kinda her MO

Classy, right? What kind of 33, nearly 34, year old woman does this with her spare time?

News flash Bonnie: The only person doing anything wrong in this situation (or any other situation, for that matter) is YOU. What you're doing is technically illegal and I could report you to the Tulsa police for attempting to lure children for cybersex. I'm sure they won't mind. The file they have on you has grown quite large already and it will only help build an ever-growing case against you. But apparently you're so fucking useless and retarded that you didn't think of that.

How pathetic of a human being must you be to harass and stalk people nearly 20 years younger than you? And especially to harass them for wanting to jerk off to pictures of tits. HELLO?!?! ALL TEENAGE BOYS DO THAT. IF THEY DON'T, THEN THERE IS PROBABLY SOMETHING WRONG WITH THEM.

Honestly, it's a shame that Bonnie didn't spend the last fourteen years of her pathetic life using her obvious boredom to her advantage and actually acquiring an education and a career and a husband and children and a house and oh, you know maybe a life? You know.. all the things Bonnie pretends to have on her blog.

But nope! Bonnie would much prefer to waste fourteen years harassing and victimizing wonderful, mentally-sound people out of envy and a bitter-fueled rage for anyone better than her which is just about anyone at this point. Hell, I've met drug-addled prostitutes who have more class, tact and intelligence than Bonnie Combs could ever hope to have.

Thankfully Bonnie's time is going to come very soon. The Tulsa authorities are watching her and they have now been alerted to her behaviour and attempting to locate child pornography on the internet. Sicko.

But honestly. Is anyone surprised by this? Bonnie Combs hoards photos of naked women between the ages of 12 and 65. Bonnie is obsessed with children to the point where she has stolen photos of other people's children and claimed them as her own AND Bonnie has threatened to kidnap, molest and physically harm the children of her victim's in the past and that includes one of her more recent victims - Jenn. Apparently Bonnie's own father, Clinton Combs, was previously incarcerated for child rape so the demented lifestyle and sicko frame of mind clearly runs in the family. No surprise. They're already Tulsa hick trash as it is anyway.

Enjoy your "Freedom" (IE: Laying in your twin-sized Salvatipn Army bed 24/7 while eating cheeto's, watching King of the Hill and cyberbullying people you're jealous of) while it lasts because you will never see it again when we're done with you.

Lastly, this young man, Nick, has been added to our victims page. We contacted him and gave him Bonnie's personal information so he can report her as well!

The B-Team and World in General: 1

Butthurt Bonnie Combs aka Beefy / Chretienne: 0

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