Bonnie Combs is a sad and pathetic liar.

February 15, 2014

While the rest of us who are truly loved and don't have to create ridiculous lies on the internet as some failed attempt for attention were spending our Valentine's Day with our real husband/boyfriend/significant other(s), Bonnie was stealing more photos of random naked women and creating more lies on her pathetic blog


Bonnie is trying (and failing) to make the internet believe this is her. She wishes she looked that good in lingerie. Although the person in the photo is still quite overweight, Bonnie will never be that size and is actually around 200 lbs heavier and always will be. We all know this.

#1. Notice the background. That is not Bonnie's bedroom nor is it her house, as you can see in every single one of her other photos. If you haven't seen her other photos, you can check them out here.

#2. Notice the nails. Compare them with the photo she posted of her "new ring" in the exact same entry as seen here. Different nails. Different hands. Different nail polish. 

Bonnie is such a pathetic waste of life that she has to resort to stealing naked photos of random, unsuspecting women from around the internet and claim them as her own without even thinking to at least try and make it believable first. She is just that stupid!

.P.S. That photo of "Bonnie" or "Chretienne" in the lingerie? It actually belongs to this girl. It's okay, Bonnie. We've let her know that you're stealing her photos and pretending to be her. Yet another victim to add to the list!

More screenshots of Bonnie Combs aka "Chretienne Ouelette/Jamie Vaughn/Pixie Maguire/Christine Armstrong" of Comatised stealing photos of random women on tumblr.

Bonnie Combs aka Chretienne Ouelette of Tulsa, Oklahoma is a psychotic cyberbully, cyberstalker, compulsive liar and thief.

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