Bonnie Combs is STILL copying Krystal!

January 23, 2014

Remember when Bonnie Combs took to her hate blog to make fun of Krystal for retweeting follow trains on her twitter? Well now Bonnie is doing the same thing herself! Crazy old Bonnie Combs is trying to copy Krystal's tactics and failing miserably at it! Krystal has 7000+ followers and rarely retweets a follow train. Bonnie has retweeted 50 follow trains in the past 2 days and has only gained 3 followers. LULZ! Nobody wants to follow a fat, jobless, psycho hick who impersonates people and stalks people online! Lulser. Try harder!


We have it on good notion that the "K-Team" has since dismantled and has taken to Krystal's side after seeing all the evidence against Bonnie, her recent lies about death threats on her hate blog and the usual drama, lies and bullshit. Fun, fun! Nobody is on your side Bonnie. Go steal Patty's credit card and buy another iphone, fatty!

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