Bonnie Combs - Lies, Bullshit and Idiotic Comments

October 25, 2013

Bonnie Combs posted yet another bullshit entry full of lies on her stolen blog, comatised. We'll quote the best parts of the entry with our commentary since you all love it so much!

"I think global warning is actually real since the snow sticks around now." - Bonnie Combs admits to being an idiot in a very public way. Everybody knows that global warming exists. The only people who doubt this tend to be uneducated and ignorant hicks living in Oklahoma and other inbred states that intelligent people like to avoid. She spelled 'warming' wrong too. Priceless!

"Global Warming. It doesn’t necessarily mean the world is getting hotter." - Once again. Bonnie Combs is a god damn idiot. These quotes speak for themselves, folks!

"I went bowling with Dennis and some other friends yesterday. I bowled a 244 with eight strikes!" - Once again, Dennis doesn't exist and Bonnie Combs doesn't have any friends. Her so-called friends only exist inside her delusional mind. Bonnie did not go bowling, nor did she bowl a 244 with eight strikes. Bonnie is too fat and lazy to leave her childhood twin-sized bed, let alone her parents house where she permanently resides.

"I was surprised I could even pick up the ball what with my left arm being numb now. It cured itself." - *Cough* Bullshit! *Cough* Notice how Bonnie is always suffeering from some sort of ailment? Her leg amputation story is as much of a lie as her having cancer was. Now, it's entirely possible that Bonnie does suffer from leg numbness considering she's a morbidly obese loser who survives on junk food and never exercises.

"The new semester started today. I’m pretty sad that several of my students didn’t pass their fall semester and they weren’t joining us for the spring semester. I had a few complaints about my teaching methods in the office, but nothing that was serious. It seems that I make tests “too hard” and “ask stupid questions” on the test." - Bonnie is continuing with the bullshit story that she's a professor at Oklahoma State University in Tulsa, Oklahoma under the fictional name of "Chretienne Ouelette" even though it's been proven several times that she does not work there, nor has she ever attended school there. That's schizophrenia for you. Bonnie Combs is living in a crazy, deluded la-la land that exists only in her feeble little mind.

"I’m happy to say that my ex is becoming friends with Dennis." - Once again, Dennis doesn't exist. An ex-boyfriend doesn't exist either. We proved this many times. Whackjob.

"Chloe is going to marry his oldest." - Chloe doesn't exist either. We proved this many times. Nutjob.

"I remember and learned from my past." - Bonnie is delusional. We all know Bonnie doesn't remember her past and never learns from anything. If she did then she would stop creating pathetic lies on the internet for all 10,000+ of us to laugh at and she would stop creating hateblogs on blogger about people she's jealous of which will soon land her fat ass in prison.

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