Bonnie Combs pretends to have surgery and begs for her fictitious husband Dennis

September 01, 2013

In typical schizophrenic fashion, crazy ol' Bonnie M. Combs concocted a brand new lie today! Bonnie M. Combs is now lying about having emergency surgery at St. John's Medical Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She even begs for her fictitious husband Dennis to visit her. (Dennis is actually Bonnie Combs' father Clinton but she pretends he's her husband on the internet. She's probably fucked Clinton too! Sick bitch.) She mentions how much she hates to be alone in the hospital. Sucks to be you, Bonnie. Everybody hates your crazy ass. Even your alter-egos! LOL. I guess she needed to come up with some new attention seeking material to spew since she was exposed as a liar in every other aspect of her pathetic life.


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