Bonnie Combs - Publicly Exposed and Humiliated on Tumblr!

March 30, 2014

Recently another person was made aware of Bonnie Combs' ongoing harassment and denigration of others on the internet. This person, being sane and rational, immediately realized how wrong Bonnie's online antics were and contacted Bonnie inquiring about her mental health and requesting that she (Bonnie) seek help immediately.

In typical Bonnie Combs fashion, Bonnie went batshit crazy, posting even more libellous statements about Krystal Draper (Bonnie is obsessed with this woman, and who can blame her? Krystal is pretty rad. But it's actually become beyond obsessive at this point and anyone with a brain can see that it is downright creepy and definitely considered stalker behaviour.) and of course, it wouldn't be Bonnie if she didn't call the other person a crazy child molester because god knows, Bonnie is obsessed with child molestation and accusing other people of being crazy despite being beyond help herself and the only person doing wrong in this situation.

What REAL people think of Bonnie Combs:

This woman is incredibly intelligent and is well aware of how psychotic, pathetic and full of shit Bonnie is.

Words from a kind young woman who knew Bonnie when she was a child. This woman was able to tell us about her own personal experiences with Bonnie and her parents, and how absolutely crazy they were then (and still are)! This woman decided to google Bonnie, out of curiosity, and she wasn't too surprised to find out that Bonnie has accomplished nothing with her life.

Butthurt Bonnie Combs defaming people she's jealous of and spewing more ignorant bullshit, as per usual.

Bonnie Combs is one crazy cunt!

True talk. Only an idiot would believe Bonnie's lies. Such is proven by the very few people on Bonnie's side - They're all jobless, unloved losers who live with their parents, are arrested for DUI on the regular or fuck strangers for $50 on Broke Amateurs.

Always talking trash about Krystal, out of envy of course. Bonnie has a lot of nerve telling someone else to get off the internet when she's online 24/7 running up her mother's cable bill.

Bonnie has no knowledge whatsoever of US or UK laws.

Wise words from a new friend.

Bonnie is now claiming herself as a "licensed psychologist", hilarious considering last week Bonnie claimed to work at a funeral home and prior to that Bonnie was lying about being a professor at Oklahoma State University. Bonnie is unable to keep up with her own ridiculous lies, despise us exposing her as a liar every single time.

Which personality is this? Bonnie? Chretienne? Christine? Jamie? So many personalities, so many lies, so little time.

Check back soon! We have so many more lulzy screenshots to post!

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