Bonnie Combs: Submissions and Mail Bag!

August 12, 2013

It's that time of the month again- Time for us to publicly post some of our funniest submissions and e-mails from people who have encountered Tulsa child predator and psychopath Bonnie Combs whether online or offline. We get many emails on a regular basis and we apologized if yours has not been posted yet but we promise to get to all emails in time!

Submission #1: Bonnie Combs ? (Tulsa shitbag woman ?)


Oh my I know Bonnie ! We called her "Bitch fat shits" because that fat whale used to wear adult diapers and these people would not pay their trash bill, so there would literally be adult diapers with poo all over them that would fall out of the unloaded trash cans, but that was only the tip of the iceberg !!!!

These peoples disgust did not stop there, one time their sewer in their front yard was backed up or not working properly. Instead of fixing it and buying a $10 snake they would simply let the toilet water overflow on their lawn ! I kid you not !!!

Every time these people would flush the toilet you would see toilet paper, urine and fecal matter come up out of the top of the small lid and JESUS H CHRIST was it RANCID !!! We finally called the city on these zoo animals.


Submission #2:


Bonnie Combs is a mental case, I'm fairly certain she's on SSI-disability.

Since you've dealt with her this should hardly be a surprise. But before you slam her for not working ask yourself who the devil would hire her ?

I kinda feel sorry for her, aside from her mental health issues it's rather well known she has physical health issues as well. A reliable source told me she wear adult diapers.

And then look at her appearance, she's pretty ........... well............. pretty disgusting looking.

I mean if she were born looking like SI Swimsuit model Kate Upton, she could probably rope in a quality guy who would take care of her and overlook all of her "issues." So, Bonnie got screwed in the looks department as well.......isn't nature cruel ?

And what do expect her to be ? President of Chase Manhattan ? Look at the family she came from ! Shit usually produces............well.................shit.

Sorry dem are da facts !


Submission #3:


Hey you ! THAT'S MY PRIZED SOW ! Return her now, the amount of bacon and ham I can get from that prized porker could feed a starving village of 1,000 people !


Submission #4: 47th street Bridge collapses under a Tulsa womans girth


A well known bridge near the 2300 block of 47th street has collapsed due to one Tulsa woman's weight. The bridge had just recently passed inspection in October, but was clearly no match for one Tulsa womans girth.

After the collapse the large woman fell into the river causing a tidal wave that his houses and buildings near the river. Some who witnessed this say the river looked like a tsunami, but in reality it was fat Bonnie belly flopping in the river.

After Bonnie fell she floated down the river killing fish with her extreme flatulence and polluting the water to the point that it was brown with her never cleaned fat ass.

Witnesses who saw Bonnie didn't think it was human, just the worlds largest blow up flotation device.

Under pressure President Obama is going to have to pass a bill that all bridges will have to post signs that say "NO FAT CHICKS" in the interest in public safety.

The first lady Michelle has come to Tulsa to comfort some of the victims. When Michelle was asked about her aid in helping fat people and dieting the first lady replied in regards to Bonnie "I am sorry America I cannot help her, she's over the hill."

Michelle Obama's response was supported by Republicans as R Ted Cruz stated "Although we do not agree with Michelle on many things, there is no way she could get Bonnie to lose weight, she's good but not a miracle worker."

While skeptical of the Republicans motives Democrats have pointed out that Michelle's intention on weight loss was meant for humans, not bloated Brontosauruses on the Flintstones.

But both the Republicans and Democrats have agreed that people like Bonnie should not be allowed on public bridges because of her girth.

Nancy Pelosi has even stated that because the federal government has spent millions to feed Bonnie and her family, she thinks the Combs family would be better serving the country like being artificial wreaths in the ocean or use the Combs family for wrecking balls.


Submission #5: Hey !! Big butt Bonnie ate our whole shipment of Christmas cookies ! (ALERT ALERT ! )


Hey, that bloated Manatee Bonnie has struck again !

Last time she robbed a Thanksgiving truck full of turkeys and ate all the evidence ! Now this overweight Elephant has hi jacked a Christmas Convoy of Sugar cookies !

26 trucks worth of cookies Bonnie ? Really ?


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