Bonnie Combs threatens to murder Krystal... AGAIN!!!

December 03, 2013

We've already established MANY times that Bonnie Combs of Tulsa, Oklahoma is a deranged lunatic who has been lying about her life on the internet for the past fifteen years. Her real life is so pathetic that even Bonnie herself has been unable to ever speak a word about it online. And Bonnie is so out of touch with reality that she thinks people believe a word she says, despite more and more people coming to our side every day and this blog hitting 50,000 views this week after only existing for a few months. Oh, and considering real life people from Tulsa contact us DAILY to tell us how widely hated Bonnie and her inbred, incest-loving, drug addicted family of hicks are!

But what's more pathetic? Bonnie is SO intent on continuing her pathetic, waste of a life of harassing and stalking people out of jealousy on the internet that she will threaten to murder anyone who threatens her with legal action or stands in her way of her only hobby, which is harassment and bullying of people she wishes she could be!

Bonnie has threatened Krystal (the woman she's fiercely jealous of) many times before. Is it a surprise that she would do it again after hearing about how Krystal, the woman Bonnie desperately wishes she could be, is flying to Tulsa to pursue charges and have Bonnie thrown in prison for 10+ years? We doubt it.



Kudos to the B-Team, including someone Bonnie considers a "close online friend" (IE: Her only friends because they don't know what a crazy liar she is.... YET. But they will soon.) Thank you for sending us all of this hilarious content that has enabled us to keep this blog up forever and remain in the number one spot in google- thus, allowing this blog to continue to be viewed by the people of Tulsa and Bonnie's victims, a list which is growing every day. Keep it coming folks!

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