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January 25, 2014

Bonnie posted this untrue post in anger at Daily Krystal today:

I got an email from the K-Team that was written by Krystal Draper, where she states she is going to Tulsa to kill Bonnie Combs! The K-Team member who emailed Krystal Draper was emailing her to ask her why she continued the charade, when Krystal Draper started making accusations against Bonnie and lastly said "that's why I have to go to Tulsa and kill her. No one will suspect me and the ones who do know will be glad I did it." The email is currently in the hands of the Tulsa police cyber crimes unit.

#1. The K-Team doesn't actually exist. Well it does but only inside Bonnie's deranged and extremely small brain.

#2. Krystal never threatened Bonnie. It was in fact that other way around as seen in our previous posts and here:

#3. Bonnie is mad because the Tulsa police visited her at home last week and told her to leave Krystal alone but Bonnie is so incredibly jealous and obsessed with Krystal that she can't help herself.

#4. The Tulsa cyber crimes division is currently investigating Bonnie and her ongoing abuse dating back to 1999.

#5. Krystal actually said "I have to go to Tulsa and file a protection order and stalking complaint against Bonnie so she will go to jail" but we all know Bonnie loves to twist people's words.

In closing, Bonnie Combs is a psychotic liar who makes fun of 9/11 victims, calls people niggers and threatens to kill people and she will soon be in jail.

Notice how Bonnie never has proof to back her shit up? Because she's a fat pathetic liar and a waste of life. Hey Bonnie, there's no internet in jail! What ever will you do without your only friend?

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