Bonnie Combs - Tulsa's Morbidly Obese and Deranged Dancing Puppet!

February 04, 2014

Thank you to the B-Team for continued effort of exposing Bonnie and her jealous defamatory lies on her tumblr page at! She thinks people are falling for her bullshit but that's schizophrenia for you. Together we can eliminate Bonnie entirely! 

Bonnie is currently threatening to murder Krystal if she goes to Tulsa, because Bonnie is so deranged that she thinks she has the right to shoot anyone in the city. Bonnie was best friends with the Oklahoma City Bombers after all. Unfortunately Bonnie doesn't have that right and Tulsa police are aware of this latest threat and will be accompanying Krystal, with theirMANY weapons, while she is in Tulsa. They will shoot fat ass schizo Bonnie if she attempts to hurt Krystal, the girl she's insanely in love with and jealous of. Everyone is on Krystal's side, including Bonnie's other 500+ victims who are all pursuing a class action lawsuit against Bonnie. 

Now we know all of this attention is making Bonnie's blood pressure rise. She is, after all, a fat ass diabetic. But here's the deal. Bonnie. If you take a picture of yourself with your high school diploma, university diploma, husband and children in the photo, while you're holding a piece of paper that says Chretienne Ouelette of then we'll take this blog down and leave you alone. But see, we don't think you'll do that. Why? Because we know you're a liar. Bonnie, you are a high school drop out. Bonnie, you still live with your parents. Bonnie, you don't have kids. Bonnie, you're so ugly and crazy that nobody has ever wanted to date your fat ass, let alone breed with you. You know it. We know it. Everybody knows it. But do feel free to prove us wrong. 

In the meantime, B-team: continue to send in those screenshots. We're (all 1,018 of us) having a blast over here laughing at this crazy cow! Looks like fatty Patty forgot to give Beefy Bonnie her meds again. Oops!

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