Bonnie forgets one of her lies... again!

December 22, 2013

Remember when we blogged about Bonnie never mentioning her apparent child named "Chloe" because she doesn't exist and Bonnie blogged about her the next day but hasn't since? Remember how Bonnie blogged about having gangrene and having her leg amputated on December 24th but yet she hasn't mentioned anything about the amputation and surgery? Why? Because she's a career liar and an idiot who can't even keep up with her own lies. Bonnie Michelle Combs is the biggest liar on the internet and in the whole entire world.

Bonnie Combs is also claiming her weight is down to 131 lbs. Don't believe that. That's another one of her lies. Perhaps her weight is down to 331 lbs but it'll never be below 300 lbs because Bonnie Combs is an obese whale who is too lazy to leave her childhood bed yet alone exercise. She claims to be tall and to have never been morbidly obese. Oh lawd. Does Bonnie think if she repeats these lies a million times that she herself might believe them? Probably. Unfortunately nobody else is buying it. We all know the real Bonnie Combs and it ain't pretty. And it certainly is not who Bonnie claims to be on the internet. Who makes up a dozen fake lives and aliases online anyway? Lulser.

At least Bonnie is honest about one thing- her messy childhood bedroom and her need to get off her fat, lazy ass and clean it... but we know that'll never happen. Her parents are fat, psychotic losers like her and have never helped Bonnie become a normal, functioning person in society which is why Bonnie is, at 33, still living with her parents in her childhood bedroom, living off food stamps and disability while cyberbullying awesome people on the internet that she wishes she could be and making up fake lies for attention even though nobody visits her blog(s) except to laugh at her dumb ass.

There's more talk about the non-existent ex boyfriend named Dave- yet another one of Bonnie's aliases. I'm sure Bonnie believes that Dave really exists. Of course he does exist but only inside Bonnie's fucked-up delusional head. Unfortunately for Bonnie, no man would ever want to date her. Bonnie Combs is too fat too fuck, too ugly to cover her face with a paper bag and too psychotic and pathetic to even tolerate being around. Bonnie has never had a boyfriend and she never will. The same can be said for friends. She has none and never will.

Of course now Bonnie is claiming Dave died last year. Gosh. There's always something tragic happening in her life, isn't there? Don't buy it. None of it is true. Bonnie Combs is one of those pathetic losers who thrives off of sympathy. She suffers from many mental disorders but she also suffers from the "pity me" syndrome. Actually, I worded that wrong- Bonnie has the pity me syndrome but all of those in her life suffer from it and suffer from her psychotic wrath of terrorizing people on a daily basis and attempting to ruin people's lives because she's so insanely jealous of them.

God Bonnie, you're such a pathetic waste of space. Do the world a favour and delete your shitty blogs and hate blogs and check yourself into the Tulsa mental hospital immediately before you hurt more people.

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