Bonnie is too much of a retard to make her own lies believable.

March 09, 2014

Bonnie Combs quickly deleted and shortly after we discovered them (Can't have anyone find out the truth about her pitiful existence, right? Oh wait. Too bad we already have!) In typical crazy Bonnie fashion - she immediately registered another domain name (using her mother Patricia's credit card, of course) and a new alias with it.

What domain name / alias was that? None other than Bonnie Danner.

About a month ago, a person named "Lance Danner" started following Bonnie on twitter. We found this odd, considering Bonnie claims that her fictitious husband is named Dennis.

Bonnie has been using the alias Lance since as early as 2001. He is nothing more than a figment of her imagination. Another one of her make believe friends because she doesn't have any real friends. How sad.

Of course, she chose to make her lie even more unbelievable by making Lance Danner a pharm student at Oklahoma State University. The same university that Bonnie has been pretending to work at for several years despite being publicly exposed on this blog and publicly chastised by real professors at OSU.


I'm glad Bonnie is psychotic enough to believe her ridiculous lies because nobody else does.

Important News: We're back on blogspot! We will be cross-posting our entries from this blog to the new one from now on.

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