Bonnie lies... again!

March 16, 2014

Bonnie claims that our website has helped her gain visitors and commenters. Now, we know this is blatantly untrue because we can see that nobody comments on her website, and when someone does they don't have a website URL - thus proving that it's Bonnie commenting to herself under another alias because nobody likes her.

Incidentally we have left a tracker on both her personal weblog and her hateblog several months ago. And guess what? Each blog receives approximately 5-11 hits a day, if she's lucky. Of those visitors, one is Angela, one is Antonia, one is Laura, one is from Fresno, CA and told us that they visit our blog and hers mostly for the lulz-factor and one is Kristen How sad. I suppose you'll make up any lie for attention when you're Bonnie Combs and your life is a miserable joke.

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