Bonnie M. Combs begs for donations for

August 15, 2013

The government must have cut off Bonnie, Patty and Clint's food stamp benefits because Bonnie has resorted to begging for donations to keep one of her hundreds of blogs online. Here's an idea: If you can't afford to keep your blog online then get a job like everybody else. Only pathetic, lazy losers beg for donations on the internet. LMAO.


Bonnie is obviously delusional because she claims to have scammed several thousand dollars out of people. Last time I checked not a single rational person visited any of her blogs except to laugh at her pathetic behaviour. Nobody ever comments on her bogus entries full of lies unless she begs them to or joins leave a comment, get a comment websites for similar lulsers. Notice nobody stepped forward to say they had donated and couldn't wait to read moar of her lies? I wonder why? Because no such person exists. Nobody donated. Nobody cares about Bonnie and nobody ever will. Lie moar, lulser!

I doubt anyone is stupid enough to send her that much money but Bonnie is so psychotic that she actually thinks people believe her lies. Assuming anyone was stupid enough to send Bonnie M. Combs the convicted prostitute and meth user money then please contact us. You've been scammed and you should report it to the Tulsa, Oklahoma police department immediately.

"I stopped donations. We hit $5,000 and that’s more than enough to save my sites and to re-register them until well into 2030. Yes, I plan on registering my domains for 10+ years. I’ve stuck with writing for as long as I can remember (I wrote my first piece in 1990). So far I don’t see myself stopping."

Please god don't force the internet to have to listen to your lies and psychobabble for another fifteen years. Try, oh I don't know... maybe getting a life instead? You don't have any writing talent and your lies have already got you in enough trouble, haven't they? LULZ.

.P.S. spam the shit out of these:,,

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