Bonnie M. Combs of Tulsa, Oklahoma is a creepy pedophile

September 19, 2013

For the last three days, Bonnie Combs aka Jamie Vaughn aka Chretienne Ouelette aka Pixie Maguire aka Christine Armstrong has been scanning the internet looking for photos of Renee Stage's young daughter. She's gone so far as to make Facebook profiles in the names of Katy McGreevey, Shawn Sackenheim, Frank Buschelmann, and even Zak Bagins, pretending to have a love interest in Renee so she'd add the profile made fifteen minutes prior with only her as a friend. She did this, we assume, to get images of Renee and the infant she was going to smash on the floor so she could masturbate to them and share them with the rest of the sex offenders living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Stalk harder, idiot.

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