Bonnie Michelle Combs of Tulsa, Oklahoma arrested for prostitution and meth use?!?!

January 18, 2014

There's a funny rumour going around the blogosphere that miss Bonnie Michelle Combs of Tulsa was arrested by a Tulsa, Oklahoma police officer outside of her house at 2337 w 47th street for prostitution and meth use. Apparently Bonnie's sixty nine year old mother Patricia Combs (the woman that Bonnie Combs still lives with and regularly physically and financially abuses) was arrested too. *Shudder*

Is it true? Could be. But it's hilarious either way! I believe it's true considering Bonnie hasn't updated any of her 50 blogs of lies in about a week and we all know the fat bitch has no life outside of popping pills, watching Maury Povich while cramming cheetos into her mouth and blogging lies!

In reality though.. who would pay to sleep with this:


What's new? Bonnie is impersonating her victims on tumblr to try and get them in trouble. Nevar change Bonnie!

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