Bonnie Michelle Combs visited by the Tulsa police 02/12/2013

December 03, 2013

We were contacted by one of Bonnie's many victims earlier today. A victim who wishes to remain anonymous but we're sure you can put two and two together and will know who this victim is when you reach the end of this post.

The Tulsa police department visited Bonnie Combs at home on Monday, December 2nd, 2013. Bonnie admitted to the police that she does, in fact, run the Daily Krystal blog and that yes, she is, Pixie Maguire. No surprise there. BUT!!! She apologized to the police, was scared shitless and crying, promising to delete the blogs, stop harassing and defaming people and move on with her "life."

Since that time, Bonnie updated that same blog in an obvious rage and promised to never delete it. Vowed to keep the blog going until the end of time! Basically proving herself to be an insanely jealous fucktard who is beyond help. (Not that we didn't already figure that one out!) And continued with even worse defamation of Krystal, harassment then moved on to threatening to kill Krystal on a public twitter account that has since been suspended.

The victim who contacted us, I'm sure you've all figured out who it is by now, is now filing a protective order and stalking case against Bonnie which will mean that if Bonnie updates the blog one more time after the order is filed, she will go to jail. It also means that Bonnie will go to jail for threatening to murder Krystal.

With that said, Krystal and two other victims will have to travel to Tulsa and spend two weeks there in order to file the report, attend court and ensure that Bonnie is promptly arrested and incarcerated. If you would like to donate to their travel expenses please contact us. The email is in the sidebar.

Bonnie, your time has come. Are you scared? You should be.

.P.S. An uber awesome sauce lady made an archive of Bonnie's abuse dating back to 1999! Check it out here and check this out too!

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