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October 07, 2013

Chretienne aka Christine aka Christina aka Dennis aka Matt aka Lance aka Pixie Maguire aka Bonnie Combs deleted her main blog at Why bother? We know it's you and we're still able to access all of it's hilarious and pathetic content. Hell, it might be the only website where she was even remotely honest about her pitiful existence but I suppose she would rather continue to spin her web of lies at her many other websites:,,, (domain name stolen from Krys aka the girl Bonnie wishes she could be),,,,, There's a different personality and bullshit life story for each one!


FYI: Bonnie was somewhat honest about her pathetic excuse for a life on She talked about being single because she is single. She talked about not being a mother because she's not a mother. She talked about having diabetes and not cancer because she does not have cancer. She talked about losing weight because she's an obese whale. This is why she deleted it's content. She'd rather continue with a sad sack of lies despite being exposed many times.

Unfortunately for her, google cache and web archive exist and we were able to screenshot all of the previous content on



Bonnie Combs has been using yet another one of her many personalities "Pixie Maguire" to publicly defame an innocent woman and call her a liar but it's actually been proven that Bonnie is the liar. Not Krystal, who has been nothing but kind and fully able (and willing!) to prove that she is truthful in every aspect of her life all while doing virtually nothing to harm anyone except expose those who have attempted to ruin her life for years. So why does Bonnie continue with the harassment? Easy answer. Bonnie M. Combs of Tulsa, Oklahoma is a jealous, bitter psychopath. She's done this to innocent victims for years and she will continue to do so until someone puts a stop to it. And that is exactly what we aim to do here on this blog.

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