Evidence For the Fire

January 26, 2014

Does anyone else here hope that crazy Bonnie Combs continues to tweet and blog about Krystal Draper? Krystal has no control over this blog, no matter what Bonnie Combs' drug-fried brain tells her, so essentially she is harassing an innocent person. You'd think that rather than tweeting and checking up on this site 24/7 that she would be out living that wonderful lie....er, um, life...that she claims to have. But no, she's such a pathetic loser she can't even drive a car and spend her hours of the day away from a computer or other device. She never even leaves her shithole of a house that her mother owns and pays for! Might as well be on a computer; she's sitting at home like a bump on a log anyway. 

Like any insane person, Bonnie Combs has not realized that all of her tweeting and blogging about Krystal Draper has not deterred me from updating this site nor has it inhibited me from collecting information on her. It's also not encouraged me to delete or privatize the blog should I want to feel sorry for this pathetic bitch. So if it doesn't work, why continue to do it? That's the question that only Bonnie Combs can answer. Unfortunately, she's busy making a new name for herself, Drag Queen child molester Bonnie Combs, and tweeting more for me to post here. 

Yet she wants me to stop updating this site. She wants me to either delete or privatize the blog and get it out of the Google hits. 

A sane, normal person would take a look at this blog and realize that if they stopped tweeting retarded shit, stopped stealing code, stopped threatening people with jail time, and actually cared about their life and worried what was going on in their own little world, this blog would not have any evidence or ammo, and would thusly die out. No one wants to read a wall of text about what my yorkie is doing, or how many gold fish I have now. 

What gets me is that Bonnie Combs can't be criticized. Anyone who exposes her is going to jail? That's fucking laughable. Disagree with the insane whore? You're going to jail! In the real world, sane, normal people realize that other human beings are going to disagree with you, and if you do sketchy shit, chances are, you're going to be caught and called out. I guess that's where Bonnie Combs' mommy failed her; that's a lesson most people learn before they start kinny-garden. You have to be responsible for your own actions. If you do wrong and get caught, you have to suffer the consequences, as Jessie Slaughter's father screamed into the camera that unusually warm night. 

You don't see any of those people whom Bonnie Combs is targeting being accused of copyright infringement, harassment, lying, stealing, etc... Krystal is only targeted by Bonnie and co. who are mentally deranged, unemployed losers with nothing better to do. The same can be said for Katy, Kristy, Katie Kohner, Loredana, and all thousand of Bonnie's victims. 

For those of you who are just tuning in, there is about six people who update this blog. I have manipulated the HTML so that it reads as one person because that is easier when people want to email in questions about the blog. I'm still the admin, they are just contributors. I've sent out an invite for Krystal Draper (or the owner of stellar.pw) to share her thoughts on this. The more people who write here to share their stories, the better. And you will remain anonymous. 

As for shutting down the blog, or privatizing it, I have decided as of 10:45am yesterday (December 2, 2013), that I am not going to be shutting down the blog, removing any content, or privatizing it, for as long as I live. That means that as long as Blogspot.com is alive, so will this site. It obviously isn't against their rules, so they are not going to take it down. I will update it as often as it needs to be updated. Nothing will change my mind now, and I will continue to distribute the .xml so others may make copies of this blog to make their own blogspot.com accounts to help spread the word. 

We can tell Bonnie and her lulser bully friends are petrified and shaking in their k-mart shoes because they haven't stopped blogging and tweeting about Krystal in over a month. Bonnie updated her jealous hate blog 23 times in the past three days because she wants to be Krystal so bad. Keep it up! We're documenting and sending every thing off to your victims who are pursuing a class action lawsuit against you and your minions. You will always lose. 

Crazy Tulsa child molester Bonnie Combs thinks she can manipulate, scare and control her victims with her multiple personalities and childish lulser friends but we're not scared and we're not going anywhere. This blog will remain on the web until the web no longer exists and we don't see that happening any time soon. Crazy Bonnie Combs can steal our content all she wants and threaten to murder Krystal and Katy's children all she wants - this blog will always be here! 

A recent comment made us giggle... when all of Bonnie's thousand victims gather together to sue her, will they have to bring the courtroom to Bonnie's trailer trash childhood bedroom at 2337 W 47th street in Tulsa? Probably! Bonnie is too fat and far gone to ever leave. But crazy Bonnie Combs Tulsa terrorist will be meeting with the courtroom very soon whether she likes it or not. We can only hope Bonnie and co. have loads of money to hand over to Krystal, Katy and friends when it's all over.

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