Happy New Year!

December 28, 2013

Ange here wishing our many visitors, friends and followers a very happy new year! And not to worry, I can guarantee you all we'll continue to blog often into the new year- considering Bonnie Combs has yet to stop the lies (pretending to have children, a job and friends, etcetera...) and apologize to the hundreds of people she's stalked, defamed and harassed, so we'll continue to expose her as the pathetic, lying, mental case that she is!

We'll have some screenshots here soon proving that Bonnie is caught in another lie on Daily Krystal and that's why she can't post proof even a month later! We have the video of Bonnie engaging in incestual intercourse with her brother Clinton and his wife, although we might not post it. We're undecided. It's pretty disturbing and ya'll will probably lose your lunch by viewing it, so you've been warned.

We received an interesting e-mail from one of Bonnie's victims who claimed Bonnie attempted to blackmail her and Bonnie said "I will only remove my material on you if you pay me $5,000 and send me photos of your daughter naked." Her daughter is only 5 years old so this information is disturbing to say the least but not at all surprising. Bonnie Combs has shown that she's obsessed with children and we would not be surprised to learn that she's a child molester. This information has been passed on to the Tulsa police department where many detectives have been actively pursuing a case again her and plan on arresting her soon for a series of other crimes- both online and offline.

See you all in 2014!

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