Hilarious Reader Submissons!

January 21, 2014

Bonnie is continuing on with the same ol' boring crap, lying about being a teacher when she sits on her fat ass all day masturbating to pix of Krystal and Katy and has never worked and blogging about how she's the victim when she's actually victimized the coolest people for the past fourteen years because of her raging insecurity and anger at being a fat, ugly lulser. So instead of make fun of her usual pathetic-ness and desperation, We've decided to post some hilarious reader submissions instead! Enjoy.

Reader Submission Number One:

Thank you Bonnie and your family of hogs!

Our University would like to thank you and your nasty trashy family for allowing us to do a study on American White Trash. Not only were did we learn so much about smelling rancid, not bathing, being fat, lazy and unemployed, but we also learned much about toxic flatulence.

Bonnie, we did record you having one of your fart attacks for humor; some people think it's funny when you're on the toilet flapping your big fat bloated butt cheeks together and want that sound on their cell phone rings.

We think the royalties from your bloated fat ass could give you and your family enough money to pay back all the government money you've been sponging off the taxpayers.

- Submitted by Frightwolf

Reader Submission Number Two:


Hey you ! THAT'S MY PRIZED SOW ! Return her now, the amount of bacon and ham I can get from that prized porker could feed a starving village of 1,000 people !

- Submitted by Anonymous

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