Is anybody actually buying this bullshit?

January 13, 2014

Shortly after Bonnie checks in on her foursquare app at her imaginary job at Oklahoma State University - Centre for Health Sciences, she updates both of her blogs with more bogus information and imagination land. All we can wonder is how anybody is stupid enough to buy her bullcrap? Easy answer: the people who believe it (IE: Laura and Kristen) are as pathetic and crazy as Bonnie is.

Exhibit A: Recoveringbeauty

"I don’t need to hear the ugly sounds that come out of these people. I’m getting sick of being unable to ask questions without getting my head snapped off by some ugly, ignorant, cunt who thinks they are high and mighty around here.I’ll be glad when I never have to see these people ever again. Seriously."

In our opinion, Bonnie might not be shouted at if she were to get a job and move out like normal people do. What kind of 33 year old woman lives with her disabled, elderly parents who financially support her, then turns around and bitches about them? Bonnie, you might not be so happy when they die. You'll be on your own for the first time in your waste of a life and nobody will be there to help you with your potty training and GED.

Exhibit B: Comatised

"They’re just adventures of Chris and a very pregnant me, my first iPhone, running to classes in three digit temperatures, sweat pouring off my head. I loved it there. I wish I could go back to 2007 and be a freshman again. I had so much fun with Jess and Chris. I made a lot less mistakes back then. Just one of a thousand regrets."

Chris doesn't exist. Bonnie has never been pregnant nor has she attended any form of school since she dropped out in grade 8. Jess doesn't exist either. The only truthful commentary here is when Bonnie admits to having many regrets. Bonnie's entire existence is nothing more than one huge mistake.

Exhibit C: Comatised

"while Carl does the lectures." 7 different people.

"Dr.Bishop and I talked of how long I expected to work. I laughed and said until I was well into my 70s, maybe 80s, and that I planned to live forever."
"I can’t get my doctor to schedule radiation therapy or a gamma knife, my tumor is probably too large to operate on anymore."
"Trevor isn’t helping any at home, I have a baby who needs me."
"I feel that if I were happy, I’d feel much better about my outcome of things."
Let us remind everybody that this blog and it's 75 clones will never be deleted unless Bonnie apologizes to all of her victims, removes her hateblogs about all of them and stops lying about herself on the internet. We can't see that happening until one of her victims visits Tulsa next month and has Bonnie arrested so this blog will remain up, indefinitely and forever. Enjoy!

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