Just Stop the Lies!

February 27, 2014

Another day - another ridiculous lie. Such is life for Bonnie Combs. I doubt that tub of lard could get through one day without telling a lie on the internet. It seems to be her only hobby and she's not even good at doing it. How pathetic.

Bonnie does keep the internet world plenty entertained. We've been laughing at her for years and don't expect the laughs to stop any time soon. We laughed at her when she was exposed as an obese, psychotic child porn hoarder by Spencer and Michael back in 2007 and we're still laughing now. 

Here's a wonderful, organized list of her latest lies which you can clearly see on one of her many blogs, comatised:

  • Bonnie and her fictional friends Lance Danner and Michelle are going to win their non-existent lawsuit.
  • Bonnie doesn't want to go back to working at a morgue - a place she's never worked but she'd probably like to because Bonnie Combs loves molesting dead bodies.
  • Bonnie prefers to be a professor. She's still going strong with this lie despite Oklahoma State coming forward and confirming that Bonnie does not work there and none of her personalities do either.
  • Bonnie is still pretending to be a mother to Chloe and Zinnia. These two little girls do exist but they aren't named Chloe and Zinnia and Bonnie isn't their mother. Her cousin Misty, a woman Bonnie is insanely jealous of, is their real mother.
  • Bonnie admits to running her blog(s) for the past fourteen years. This is the only truthful thing she's said lately. However, she's spent the past fourteen years blogging lies and stalking people out of envy and we're not sure that's much of an accomplishment or something to be proud of. If anything, Bonnie should hang her fat head in shame then go play in traffic.

What's even more funny? Bonnie ignorantly comments that she can do whatever she wants and that she's above the law. What a delusional cow! I wonder if she's been served with the restraining order and court papers yet? Hehe.

Keep blogging lies, Bonnie. We'll be here to knock your dumb ass down every time. You've always been the internet's beating pole and that will never change until you admit to your lies, unplug your internet and seek help. Or maybe it will happen sooner than you think, considering you're looking at 10 years in prison. 

We enjoy making you out to be the laughing stock of the internet. Such is your life. People have been laughing at you for years and we will never stop. Keep the lies coming though, because nobody believes you and we enjoy destroying you in every aspect of your pitiful, made-up existence.

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