Just Stop the Lies

November 16, 2013

Bonnie Combs' hate blog (and personal blogs) is in a state of decline. Well, actually, Bonnie is having a mental breakdown of some sort. This seems to be the norm in her life. Why doesn't a friend or relative step in and shut her up and get her the help she clearly needs? Oh, wait, that's right... Bonnie doesn't have any friends and all of her relatives hate her. How could I forget? But I digress... Let's move onto the purpose of this entry.

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Comatised.com - Chretienne Ouelette - Sand Springs, Oklahoma - Professor at OSU - Married with two children
Frozen-stars.net - Christine Armstrong - Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Student - Married with four children
Stellar.nu - Christine and Dennis - Married
Bonniecombs.com - Bonnie Combs - Tulsa, Oklahoma - Unemployed - Single with no children and presumed crazy (her true self)

I almost want to give crazy Bonnie Combs an award for trying so hard and for being such a successful liar. After all she has fooled her few moronic minions and many naive people online for nearly fourteen years! Is there such thing as an accomplished liar award? Probably not. If such an award existed it would be the only award/certificate/degree that Bonnie would ever receive. I'm not so sure that being a professional liar is something to be proud of anyway.

As per usual Bonnie is blogging lies- on one blog her non-existent friend named "Richie" passed away and she is mourning his loss. Notice how often people die in Bonnie's life? Don't fall for it. It's another pathetic lie that Bonnie made up for pity and attention. On her other blog she's praising her "big, luscious brain." Why hasn't anyone informed her yet that her brain is in fact quite useless and pea-sized and that she really isn't intelligent at all? And on yet another one of her blogs (how many blogs does this crazy bitch need? A blog for each personality?) she's claiming to have gone out on a pity date with a non-existent ex-boyfriend. I'm assuming he is the one who consider it a pity date. Honestly how could anyone not pity the person who has to interact with this crazy fat bitch in person?

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