Moar Lies and Moar Lulz!

August 29, 2013

Crazy Tulsa-ite Bonnie Combs finally found enough hooker money to bail herself out of jail and made up a more hilarious lies on her blog,!

"Things at home have been bad. I am hesitant to write it out here because of my stalker, and how this will get her off, but I have to vent and there’s no other place like the present, in front of everyone, that I should write. Air my dirty laundry, so to say.

Dennis and I had a disagreement, and I spent Thanksgiving away from my family. Alone. I’ve been alone for nearly a week now, and I have to say that I miss that silly bunch. I would give anything to get in good with him. How people can walk away from their families is so hard for me to believe, to conceive. I simply cannot do it. So I spent the holiday in sadness, with just my own pity for company. That’s where I have been these past few days. Wallowing in what little bit of pity that has stayed around to keep me company. On Thanksgiving and again yesterday I tried to talk to Dennis, but he’s just not hearing it. I don’t want to spend Christmas and New Year’s alone too.

Let's convert those lies into truths for ya'll!

"Things at home have been bad. I am hesitant to write it out here because the people I've been stalking and harassing for ten years finally caught me and now I'm butthurt because I can't take what I dish out and my lies are being exposed publicly but I'm so crazy I'll keep going with them anyway. Please send help!

My mother Patricia and I had a disagreement because I stole her credit card to order more domains with and she kicked me out of the house. I physically abused her when she tried to throw me out and she called the police and had me arrested. That is why I spent Thanksgiving away from my "family", alone for nearly a week and in a jail cell where I belong. Please pity me because I'll die without the attention and while you're at it paypal me $500 so I can buy domain names and cheetos.


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