More REAL people with REAL stories! Screenshots and mega lulz!

July 27, 2013

There's no denying that Bonnie Combs and co are psychotic cyberbullies with too much time on their hands but have you ever wondered what they're like in person? Unfortunately Bonnie Combs Tulsa terrorist is a real person who is known in her city as being a fat, psychotic slob. Tulsa-ites enjoy making fun of her and her family as they are nothing more than losers who live off the government.

We get a lot of comments, visits and emails with real stories from real people. You can view other stories in the archives. Here's more!


Bonnie Combs broke all of the Wal Mart electric carts for disabled people because she's too fat and lazy to walk! LULZ!

Here's the best one:


This story was sent to us by a plumber who works in Tulsa and has first hand experience with trashy Bonnie and the obese Combs gang.

Oh my I know Bonnie !
These people are Friggin Slobs ! One time their sewer in their front yard was backed up or not working properly !
(Hey I'm not a plummer ! I don't know the correct term !)

Instead of fixing it and buying a $10 snake at any hardware store they would simply let the toilet water overflow on their lawn ! I kid you not !!! Yes, they were that damn lazy !
Every time these people would flush the toilet you would see toilet paper, urine or fecal matter overflow out of the top of the small lid and JESUS H CHRIST was it RANCID !!!

We finally called the city on these zoo animals. They asked exactly where the clogged line was and I told them "Look for the months worth of used toilet paper on their lawn, you cannot miss it"

And AFTER the city fixed the damn sewer did the Combs clean all the turds and huge of pile of toilet paper off the lawn ? No ! I simply called the city AGAIN after 6 weeks. Hopefully they billed those slobs for the mess !

You heard it here first! Bonnie Michelle Combs aka Pixie Maguire aka Christine Armstrong aka Chretienne Ouelette of,,,,,,,, and not only kidnaps children, beats her dog and sleeps with her own brother but she also lives in her own filth, urine and shit! Keep it classy, sociopath.

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