Never-Ending Lies and Bullshit

March 26, 2014

The Butthurt Bonnie train is still running at full speed and milking it for everything it's got. Bonnie is now claiming to have been put on palliative care for her non-existent cancer (Bonnie has diabetes. Not cancer. Sick cunt likes to pretend to have cancer for attention, even though nobody is giving her any of it.) But while she's on "palliative care" she's also tending to her imaginary job at Oklahoma State University?

Clearly Bonnie has not actually attended nursing school (however, several of us have) because if she had then she would know that palliative care is often called end of life care and it is provided, often in a hospice, to aid in the quality of life of a person who is near death. Fred Phelps was in palliative care shortly before he died. Butthurt Bonnie Combs, the fat ass attention whore from Tulsa, Oklahoma who make up completely impossible lies on a daily, if not hourly basis, is not in palliative care. Don't believe her lies. Don't send her any money. She's actually sitting in bed right now - As confirmed by our friend who lives in Tulsa and knows Bonnie and her family in person. That bed that Bonnie hasn't left in about 10 years for any reason other than to pick up cheetos from the store using her mother Patricia Combs' credit card. Hell, we're told that Bonnie even wears adult diapers so she doesn't have to drag her fat ass to the washroom. Disgusting. But I digress.

We truly wish Bonnie was on palliative care because that would mean the fat psychotic bitch would be dying soon and we could attend her funeral and dance on her grave while singing "Ding, Dong. The witch is dead!" Bonnie's death would bring celebration to nearly 1000 people worldwide. Nothing would be better for this world than the death of Bonnie Combs - the most infamous cyberbully and liar in the entire world. Unfortunately only the good die young and Bonnie is not good. She's very much alive and not in palliative care, nor will she ever be because most prisons cannot offer such a service.

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