NOBODY loves Bonnie Combs!

February 21, 2014

We recently exposed Bonnie Combs for being a fraud (again) [#1 and #2] when she stole photos of a woman on tumblr dressed in lingerie and lied on her blog, claiming the photos were of her and her fictitious husband "Dennis Ouelette" purchased them for her. We've already established that Bonnie's blog is full of lies. Bonnie's entire life is a lie. But I digress. 

Among the stolen photos were photos of a cheap dollar store ring and welfare chocolate. How pathetic is it that Bonnie has to buy herself Valentine's Day gifts? Boohoo. Nobody loves Bonnie Combs. And Bonnie is so bitter about that very fact that she resorts to trying to bring down beautiful women who are loved and received Valentine's Day gifts from their partners.

Or maybe Bonnie's just angry. After all, one of her victims is currently in her hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma pursuing legal action against her. In typical maniacal cyberstalker fashion, Bonnie expects her victim to provide her with proof of her trip. Bitch, the only person who needs to provide proof of anything is you. You need to provide proof of your entire existence but that will never happen because your entire life is a pathetic lie.

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