Non-Stop Bullshit for Christmas!

December 20, 2013

Bonnie is now claiming to have gangrene and in need of immediate amputation over at Actually, we believe this part to be true. Bonnie likely will lose her leg frm being an obese loser who never walks and never leaves her childhood bed. Diabetes and rampant obesity kinda does to that person. So does karma and karma has been waiting to visit Bonnie's crazy ass for a while.

Is it true? Probably not. But it's hilarious! God knows it's rare that Bonnie aka Jamie aka Chretienne aka Pixie aka Laura aka Christine ever tells the truth about her pathetic existence. Bonnie is one of those fucked up pathetic human beings who craves attention, even negative attention and loves sympathy so she regularly creates sob stories on the internet for attention. You'll notice she never has any proof to back up her claims, such as her non-existent child "Zinnia", and that's because she never tells the truth.

Of course Bonnie is still rolling with the lie that she has a husband. Dennis doesn't actually exist. When she says Dennis she's actually talking about Clinton, her fat alcoholic father whom she's been having an incest relationship with since she was a moderately overweight and grossly unpopular teenage girl.

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