Reporting Bonnie Combs to the Tulsa police department

January 21, 2014

Have you been victimized by crazy “Christine Armstrong”, “Chretienne Ouelette”, “Jamie Vaughn”, “Patricia Combs”, Bonnie combs of Tulsa, Oklahoma? Are you interested in reporting her to the police for stalking, harassing and defaming your character? 

Here’s what you’ll need to do. 

Contact sergeant Williams with the Tulsa, Oklahoma cyber crimes division. His phone number is (918) 591-4740 

Tell him that you are being harassed by a woman named Bonnie Combs. Her location is 2337 W 47th St in Tulsa and her phone number is (918) 551-6731 

Be sure to give him her IP address: and her internet service provider: cox communications for documenting and archiving purposes. 

There is no statue of limitations on her abuse. This has been an ongoing issue since Bonnie Combs first acquired the internet in 1999. This woman needs to be stopped and she will be very soon.

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