Scientists are stumped!

July 30, 2013


Scientists are confused. Despite many tests they cannot decide exactly what animal Bonnie Combs is. But, they would appreciate your help so when they put crazy Bonnie Combs in the zoo they can have her cage matched to her natural habitat. We do have one scientist who insists crazy Bonnie Combs is an elephant. Although we do not agree, he ran a truck scale test that concluded him to say "The only difference between crazy Bonnie Combs and a fully grown African Bull Elephant is the Elephant weighs about 20 lbs less."

We do believe Bonnie could be:

(a) A Manatee
(b) A Sow
(c) A Beached Whale
(d) Hippopotamus
(e) An extremely overweight Ostrich
(f) A blowfish ?

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