Some new screenshots

March 21, 2014

First and foremost, we just had to post a screenshot of Bonnie's latest lulzy entry. It's her usual desperate attempt to get attention, although she's still failing. Nobody even visits her blog - let alone comments on it!

At least Bonnie is finally admitting to being unhappy, desperate and bored - three things a full-time professor and mother would never be. I doubt her truthfulness will last long though. Schizophrenic people tend to have brief moments of clarity before snapping back to being the psychotic and manipulative liars that they are - and Bonnie is no different.

Up next? New screenshots of the shack that Bonnie lives in with her parents, Patricia (Age: 70) and Clinton (Age: 71) What kind of 33 year old still lives with and sponges off their parents? Fuck Bonnie, you are such a loser! It's no wonder you have to harass pretty, talented and successful people online. If I had your life, which is shitty in every possible way, I would be a bitter and jealous cunt too!

Patricia and Clinton Combs bought the crapshack you see in the above photos on 12/19/96 for $20,000! How pathetic! They couldn't even afford more than $20,000 nearly 20 years ago! Hilarious!

Does this window look familiar?

It should, because it's the same window you see pictured here on Bonnie's public flickr page. You can even see her lame window decor in the google street view. Yet Bonnie still likes to lie and pretend she's totez not Bonnie Combs and doesn't live at 2337 w 47th street in Tulsa despite us posting evidence proving otherwise in every way possible. It must be nice to be so ignorant, naive and delusional! *Wink*



Clinton C Combs Jr | 625 Elgin Avenue (Apartment 101) - Tulsa, Oklahoma: This is Bonnie's older brother. He lives with his common-law "wife" Myrna Howard in this low income housing complex. Bonnie claimed to have slept with Clinton and Myrna in 2004 when she blogged at as confirmed via word of mouth, photographs and screenshots sent to us by Spencer P.

It seems that no class, low income, white trash losers is to be expected when looking at the Combs family tree. Are you surprised? Bonnie Combs likes incest, bestiality and child pornography. You should expect no better!

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  1. Bonnie is such a fucktard constantly stalking and defaming Krystal out of envy. She's trying to say Krystal stole her photos - despite her being in them, and that she stole her entries / didn't credit them - despite the bottom of every post having a "via" link.

    Bonnie Combs is a pathetic failure at everything and should just kill herself already and put the entire world out of it's misery of having to deal with her pitiful existence.

    1. It's not just Krystal. Bonnie does this to literally hundreds of people!