Stop Hating Normal People

February 05, 2014

Because they endorsed Bonnie Combs' behaviour about how everyone who exposes her as a fraud is an ugly drug addict who needs to kill herself. Anyone who thinks someone else deserves death because they shed light and the truth on Bonnie's lies, is really fucked up in the head. And that describes Bonnie Combs perfectly.

Bonnie Combs calls everybody else a liar, but we all have evidence to back up our claims. What does she have? Pictures of three different people and a claim they are all the same person under different names. Even a retard could see that those are three different people. She can’t fool everyone, and 90% of her traffic is from people who are laughing at her or seeing what fucked up thing is going to come out of her mouth next. We can produce screen caps of her blogs gone by, posts by other tumblrs who were burned by her, and her lies, Encyclopedia Dramatica pages, and this wonderful exposé blog.

Right now, we would love it if Bonnie Combs would just leave her victims alone, but we know Krystal is her recent target and she'll continue on to others once Krystal charges her. Bonnie is madly in love with Krystal, and following her around like the sick psycho that she is. She thinks that because Krystal ignore her 100% of the time, Krystal is responding to her callings of love. She thinks that every little thing Krystal does is due to her. Why are we calling her sick? Because one of us has a degree in psychology. That person can make clinical observations on this fat bitch Bonnie Combs. Bonnie thinks everything Krystal writes is about her or her drug dealing mother Patricia Combs who raped her anally with broken glass when she was a child, and we are sick of it. Krystal is not doing anything to this thing, and Bonnie has no proof that Krystal is. Krystal, however, has proof of her impersonating her and her friends, harassment, and other things.

So beware. Bonnie is reading this. And she'll never stop or change until she's forced to. Thankfully her latest victim, Krystal, intends to do that by visiting Tulsa in person this month and she'll make Bonnie hate her shitty existence more than she already does.

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