The Bonnie Combs and Crystal Larson connection

October 25, 2013

We noticed quite some time ago that "Pixie Maguire" aka Bonnie Combs' other ego was using the email "" as a contact address on daily krystal. That email pointed to a rather trashy looking woman name Crystal Larson from Oklahoma City on facebook.

Of course when confronted with the evidence Bonnie claimed the old owner used that email and that nobody named Crystal Larson was ever involved with the website. Now, we do believe that miss Larson wasn't involved because Bonnie likes to use people's names and identities without their permission but we have found out how Bonnie acquired her na me and email address!

Apparently Bonnie Combs and Crystal Larson are actually related. Cousins. I wonder how miss Larson would feel if she knew her cousin was using her identity on an illegal hate blog full of child pornography and death threats? Bonnie Combs has, after all, already used Misty Combs' identity publicly so what's one more?

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