The Combs Family Dump - 2337 w 47th st - Tulsa, OK

March 19, 2014

I don't know if this is commonplace in Tulsa but the Combs family house is disgusting and filthy and should be torn down. I would almost feel bad for Bonnie if she weren't such a disgusting and filthy person herself. Nobody deserves to live in a decrepit shack that is ridden with bugs, mice and black mold. Not even Bonnie Combs.

In fact, we feel so strongly about this issue that we have filed a petition with the city of Tulsa to evict the Combs family and tear this shack down once and for all. But more about that later...

For now, here are some photos of the disgusting craphole that the nasty Combs family call their "home":

Disgusting. Filthy, bug-ridden, water-stained. Awful. No wonder her dog died. No wonder they're all so unhealthy - excluding their obvious issue with obesity. Black mold syndrome is a very serious matter. And it really is no wonder Bonnie is so bitter and so jealous of people who have what she will never have, even when it's something as basic as living in a clean and safe home.

What's more? Bonnie lives among dirty needles that she keeps in an open container for anyone to access. Would someone with children purposely expose them to filth, black mold and easily accessible needles? I don't think so. Look, everybody already knows that Bonnie lies about her life online. It's just sad that Bonnie is so pathetic and so psychotic that she doesn't know when to stop. .P.S. Obese people tend to die from diabetes, I'm sad to say.

Bonnie titled her entry containing all of these photos with "Urban Photos." Does Bonnie fancy herself an urban photographer? From her bedroom? Keep dreaming, fat ass! Even the most basic of photographers can avoid taking photos that are blurry and "orb" ridden. Bonnie Combs fails again! It must suck to suck at everything you lie about being good at on the internet, eh Bonnie?

Hmmm... what do you know? "Chretienne" still lives in the same house on the same street as this Bonnie Combs woman whom she claims not to be. Yawn. Schizophrenia is one hell of a terrifying mental disorder!

That's all for now. We'll be back to expose more of her delusional lies very soon. In the meantime, we're off to work on our report to the Tulsa Health Department regarding this shit-ridden shack. We'll keep you all updated on the situation!

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