The Combs Family - Location and Phone Numbers

January 28, 2014

These are the phone numbers that Bonnie uses to harass her victims with:

  • (918) 551-6731
  • (918) 321-3742
  • (918) 665-6725
  • (741) 120-3639 - This phone number links back to her incest brother Clinton Casey Combs Junior but we have proof that she has called and harassed several of her victims at home with this phone number. Give it a call at around three in the morning!

Bonnie Combs' brother Clinton Casey Combs Junior information:

625 S Elgin Avenue Apartment 101
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Maybe send him a warm Christmas greeting or something. *Wink*

Here's Bonnie and her parents address again in case you'd like to send her something nice for Christmas. Bottled cat piss perhaps? Hehe.

2337 W 47th Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma

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