We'll stop laughing when Bonnie stops lying!

March 13, 2014

As all of our readers know, this blog is run by several different people. Unfortunately we all have a life (unlike Bonnie) and are unable to keep tabs on her or visit her blog of lies, Comatised, on a regular basis. Besides, with how often Bonnie blogs with bullshit content it's literally hard to keep up with. She blogs every single day. No life much?!

Anyway, here is a monthly post where we laugh our asses off at Bonnie and her desperate attempts to come across as being even slightly honest despite being publicly exposed as a liar in every single aspect of her pathetic life. But as long as Bonnie keeps lying, we'll keep laughing! So here we go...

Exhibit A

"I also apologise for any weirdness (1) that goes on within this site. I got a (2) new journal to write in. I’m not even finished with the two big ones that I have. Writing just comes so easily to me that I do it with my eyes closed. (3) I write and people love to read it.  (4) I am effectively archiving all of my posts elsewhere. I love that I am saving them for others to read, and for me to have later on. I am ready for spring break next week. (5) I want to not look like a weirdo. I’d probably get a raise if my boss walked in on me shirtless. (6) Seeing my tits, he probably would give me a raise! I don’t have any big plans for spring break this year. (7) My one month sobriety/clean anniversary. The first few days all what I could think about was heroin and my next fix."

(1) Isn't there always weirdness going on? It is, after all, Bonnie's blog of lies.

(2) How many journals does this crazy bitch need? She has 21 websites with different life stories and personalities for each that are currently in existence. I've said it before and I'll say it again: get a fucking life!

(3) Keep dreaming. I suppose it must be nice to be so insane and delusional, even when you're the only one falling for your lies. Poor pathetic Bonnie.

(4) Please just... don't. Nobody wants to read your entries. Nobody wants you to create another blog of lies. Nobody visits out of interest. People only visit to laugh at your dumb ass.

(5) Considering you weigh as much as the average cow and you rarely bathe, I doubt that's possible.

(6) HAHAHA!!! You mean, he might give you a raise if had never seen your fat, ugly ass in person and you e-mailed him a photo of the woman from tumblr that you were recently publicly exposed for impersonating on your blog of lies, Comatised? You wish you looked like that. In reality, he would run in the other direction but we all know this boss and that job doesn't exist. Well no.. they do, just not for you. *Wink*

(7) So now you were a heroin addict a month ago? Oh lordy. Do the lies ever end?! A month ago you were hospitalized after "nearly losing your leg", remember?! God. You can't even keep up with your own lies! So pathetic. And fyi, sweetheart: Pretending to be a recovering junkie isn't glamorous or cool. It's pathetic and offensive to people who really survive addiction, and cancer, and 9/11, and all the other things that you have pretended to survive for attention. Go kill yourself. Please.

Exhibit B:

"Dennis does his thing these days and (1) I’m left to help with homework, but in actuality I am just making sure the kids do their homework. (2Since giving up drugs, I feel a lot better, psychologically. (3) So I’m off to get some beauty sleep. 7am comes early! I have to be at work early. I love my job. Even if there’s only a few more weeks left."

(1) Dennis doesn't exist. The children don't exist. And Bonnie dropped out of school in grade five making it intellectually impossible for her to help anyone with their homework. She's too big of a retard.

(2) Again with the drugs. Bonnie was never a drug addict. And Bonnie will never feel better psychologically. Just stop the lies and get help, you crazy bird.

(3) Beauty sleep? Are you f*&%ing kidding me? All the sleep in the world (which you get every night seeing as you have no life whatsoever) wouldn't make you any less of a morbidly obese and hideous freak of nature.

Exhibit C: 

"Weird thing, (1) since getting off the patches and heroin. (2) Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. I just wish it paid a little more. (3) I love working with Carl. (4Zinnia is talking more and more these days. (5) Chloe and I are getting dresses made for the special occasion."

(1) You guys... I can't even. I just can't any more with this crazy bitch and her lies. She's so fucking insane that it's making all of us go crazy just trying to rationalize or understand the point to all of this but there is no point. Bonnie Combs is literally just that crazy.

(2) Her job meaning her using the broom handle to poke her mother Patricia from the bedroom and harass her for more cheeto's because she's too lazy to get off her fat ass and get them herself.

(3) There is no Carl at OSU or OSU - Centre for Health Sciences. Kind of like there's no "Lance Danner" or "Chretienne." Go figure!

(4) Zinnia is Misty's child. Misty is charging Bonnie for impersonating her online all these years.

(5) Chloe, too, is Misty's child. Bonnie is a sick fuck and a child predator.

Exhibit D: 

"I am unusually sleepy today. (1) I took three naps and I want to sleep some more. (2) Lance, Michelle and I had our meeting today. (3) My job only pays about $2,500 per month. (4) I’m transferring files, mostly WordPress Themes, over to my new domain. In the mean time, (5) Zinnia has started babbling more. (6) It’s supposed to snow tonight, so no star gazing for me. (7) I didn’t get this way from being morbidly obese."

(1) How would someone who apparently works full-time and has 4-5 children nap three times in one day? Not possible. Doesn't happen. I work full-time and have two children and I NEVER nap. More proof that butthurt Bonnie is a career liar and lazy loser.

(2) Bonnie has a meeting with all of her imaginary friends inside her head. How cute! I wonder if they had tea and biscuits?

(3) Let's just amuse this lie for a moment. If Bonnie truly had this job, and made this kind of money, then why would she literally live in a tiny shithole, that could almost be considered a trailer, with her momma and dadda, as seen here on her public twitter account? She wouldn't. Impossible. More lies. Nobody in the Combs family has ever had a job. 

(4) We've already located the domain and will post it once it goes live. Funny how Bonnie insults Katy and Krystal, two women Bonnie is insanely jealous of, for occasionally moving blogs when Bonnie moves blogs about 25 times a year. And we can't help but pity Bonnie's disabled mother, Patricia, because Bonnie regularly financially, physically and emotionally abuses her. Bonnie Combs is a disgusting psychopath and a horrible person.

(5) Zinnia, who is actually Misty's (Bonnie's cousin) child, is not actually named Zinnia and she's nearly five now. Just an FYI. Also, if Zinnia was born over a year ago and just started babbling now then she would be considered kind-of retarded. Food for thought. Bonnie likes to lie.

(6) Bonnie even lies about being a star-gazer because every astronomer knows that the stars are most easily viewed in the dead of winter. Bonnie is totes pathetic.

(7) Um, Bonnie... did you forget that you actually are morbidly obese? I can't imagine what kind of "Lala Land" must exist in your head on a daily basis.

Talk about Insanity on 2337 w 47th street. Combs family values. Let's start a reality show on these losers. I bet they'll rake in loads of cash! Normal people love to laugh at the idiots and losers of the world!

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