What Tulsaites really think of Bonnie Combs!

October 04, 2013

When crazy child molester Bonnie Combs of Tulsa, Oklahoma isn't creating lies oncomatised.com and dailykrystal.blogspot.com, she can be found abusing her mother and stealing her credit cards, allowing her plumbing to become so backed up that her shit spills out on her front lawn, selling meth on the street corner, shooting dogs from her back door, sleeping with her own flesh and blood brother Clint and threatening to kill neighbourhood children. This is 100% true folks! We've been emailed by SO many people from Tulsa and not one of them likes Bonnie or her crazy, hick family! 

When the Tulsa police visited Bonnie last week about her threatening to murder Krystal Draper, a woman Bonnie is super jealous of and wishes she could be, they confiscated several stolen computers, a pound of meth and three hard drives containing child pornography! In short, Bonnie is looking at a severe jail sentence once these belongings are proven to be hers- and we all know they are. 

In the meantime, Bonnie has taken to making up more lies on Daily Krystal, accusing an innocent woman of harassing and threatening her yet unable to prove any of it! For your information everyone, Bonnie Combs is the only person horrible and cruel enough to think that for exposing her shit-assedness to the world that someone deserves to die. That is proven in her blogspot blogs. The North bay and Brantford police have been contacted and there has been no report filed on Krystal from Bonnie Combs, Jamie Vaughn, Pixie Maguire, Chretienne Ouelette, Christine Armstrong or any of her other 500 personalities or anybody else for that matter! 

It's all a lies folks! Don't believe a word Bonnie says. Not that any of you do. We're contacted daily by many people who visit that blog and laugh at how ridiculous it is and how pathetic and crazy Bonnie sounds. Bonnie Combs is forever playing dueling banjos inside her head with all of her lies and personalities. She is truly a pathetic and crazy fat fuck who will soon to be spending her last days locked inside a padded cell- free from torturing anyone else online. And that's why she is so mad and making up such ridiculous lies. She's petrified! Lulz! 

Bonnie claims to have copies of the tweet but is unable to share it which is total bullshit because you can always share tweets, regardless of if the person who tweeted is involved in a case or not. Google cache and web archive bring up nothing from Krystal's twitter but plenty of psychotic threats from Bonnie's! More proof that Bonnie the fat hog is lying out her enormous ass- as per usual! 

So once again, yawn. Bonnie! You're so crazy! Nobody is falling for your shit. Go punch your Mom and steal her credit card so you can buy another expensive iphone that you don't need all while stalking gorgeous women online and pretending to be your awesome cousin Misty- who is now BFF's with us and all of your victims. We'll be here laughing at you along with the Tulsa police, Brantford police and North bay police who have referred to you as a fat crazy yahoo who should have been aborted. We'll see you in court soon and we'll spit in your ugly face when they drag your lard ass off to jail. Keep on losing, lulser!

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