Why This Website Exists

August 15, 2013

This site exists to expose Bonnie Combs, a woman who resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her mother Patricia Combs, her father Clinton Combs and her brother, whom she pretends to have a romantic relationship with - Clinton Combs Junior. Of course, that is, if you believe her. 

Bonnie Combs changes her story several times a day, and tries to play it cool when people expose her home address, her phone number and the people she lives with. She is notorious for loving child pornography to the point that she sees it every where she goes. 

This site exists to archive Bonnie Combs' psychotic moves online, no matter how vulgar or who she targets. It is a place for victims to link to when and where they feel necessary. Anyone may link to any content on this site for any reason. 

This site exists for victims to tell their story, share their thoughts and search for advice. It exists as justice for the victims who may not have a way out otherwise. It exists for those who already dislike Bonnie Combs to come and share their screenshots, stories and other pieces of evidence.

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