Bonnie Combs harassing and defaming Megan Lewis

April 03, 2014

As you all know, Bonnie Combs is insanely jealous of almost every woman she sees. If Bonnie sees a woman who is beautiful, smart and successful, then it's guaranteed that she will take to one of her many, many blogs and publish libellous statements about the individual out of envy and without thinking of the consequences. (Such is Bonnie's life.)

With that said, Bonnie thought she was anonymous for the longest time. Bonnie always thought that she would never be exposed and since that happened, she's tried to play the fool. Unfortunately for Bonnie it's not working. What's even more unfortunate? Bonnie took it as far as to harass and defame a woman living in her hometown and current location of Tulsa, Oklahoma. This woman's name is Megan Lewis and Bonnie has been obsessed with her for several years.

Now, maybe it's just us, but we personally don't think Bonnie has the right to be "exposing" other people as apparent "fraudsters" when Bonnie herself is simultaneously pretending to be a mother of six, a wife, dying of cancer and collecting money from unsuspecting people on the internet for her non-existent illness, overcoming heroin addiction all while working at a funeral home / as a psychologist / as a professor at Oklahoma State University. Bonnie is the biggest liar on the internet and the biggest fraud ever born. Bonnie does not have any room to go around accusing other people of such things when she's incapable of being honest.

Thankfully, we were able to track Megan down and we forwarded her Bonnie's home address (and Megan is only a 22 minutes drive away!) and the name and contact information of the Tulsa police officer actively working on the case against Bonnie. *Wink*

Question: Can anyone tell us what Bonnie's obsession with child pornography, incest and naked women and gay men is? It's kinda creepy if you ask me... Very telling though! Clearly those are Bonnie's only interests in life. Someone get this mad bitch some help! Stat!

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