Bonnie Combs is an inbred hypocrite who constantly contradicts herself!

April 14, 2014

Is anyone else  tired of Bonnie's constant contradictions and being, quite possibly, the biggest hypocrite and retard in the entire world?

Beefy Bonnie Combs, the convicted Tulsa child rapist and dog killer, is butthurt that her address (where she still lives with Mommy and Daddy) was publicly posted on twitter.

Bonnie thinks Emma, who runs the twitter account (not Krystal, you fucking retard!) is subjecting her to possible being raped or murdered. We can't help but laugh that Bonnie is crazy enough to think that anyone would ever be desperate enough to rape her, but I digress. 

Bonnie is totez retarded, insane and has terrible short term memory loss. She publicly posted Krystal and Shawn's home address and phone number the exact same day. (Although Krystal informed us that she is moving this month so Bonnie might want to get to stalking moar and try to find their new address!) I guess Bonnie forgot she did that? I hear people with schizophrenia tend to forget what they've done even if they did it mere hours ago.

Just thought we'd put it out there that Bonnie Michelle Combs, of 2337 w 47th street in Tulsa, Oklahoma is an inbred retard with an IQ of about 15 when combined with her fat ass, incest-loving parents - Patricia and Clinton Combs, and her brother Clinton Casey Combs jr (who has a huge criminal history of sexually assaulting women under the age of 18) of 625 S Elgin Ave, Apt 101, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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  1. Bonnie is such a sociopath. I hadn't looked at dailykrystal in awhile so I checked it out. Jesus Christ she an obsessed stalker who needs to be locked up